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Re: more question by Fifty9 ..... Chiropractic Forum

Date:   3/20/2004 7:15:44 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I'm not sure if you want a short answer to this question or not. Since I don't know what kind of care you received from the other chiropractors you have been to, all I can really tell you is what Gonstead chiropractors do and leave it up to you to do the comparison. Though, you would need to actually visit a Gonstead Chiropractor to see how truly great the difference is. You can also visit the Gonstead Seminar website where there is a phone number and e-mail address where possible future patients can call or write and ask questions directly to the seminar staff doctors.

If you have been to several different chiropractors, than you will probably notice that their care differs from one another, some may differ a great deal. This is because there are many different techniques out there (around 200 or so) and a typical chiropractic college teaches several of them. Furthermore, I would say that most chiropractors donít follow any one technique, but rather sample from many of them and just taking what they like. What makes Gonstead chiropractors stand out is that it's not simply a "technique" but rather an entire system. Gonstead is the most biomechanically correct approach to correcting a subluxation; it's also the most dependable and accurate approach of detecting a subluxation. Even though it's a required course at most colleges, most students don't bother to learn it because it's so difficult to learn; a Gonstead chiropractor has to have a great degree of skill to even perform the Gonstead adjustments.

So what do Gonstead Chiropractors do that the others donít? I guess the best way to answer this is to say that they just do everything better. Thereís a reason why Gonstead is considered the gold standard in chiropractic. I guess thatís a short answer.


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