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Re: Zappicator on Raw Meat? by Ohfor07 ..... Hulda Clark Support Forum

Date:   11/7/2005 12:51:37 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Having already read Rendezvous' reply, I am not convinced that there is anything wrong with using a Zapper or Zappicator to zap raw food/meat prior to cooking.

This may be a simple mis-understanding on my part, but it seems that two separate issues may have been merged or confused here; whether or not to consume raw meat VS whether or not to zap the raw meat before cooking and eating it. I am definitely in the crowd who strongly believes that raw meat of any type (like beef, lamb, game, chicken/fowl, and pork) should not be eaten under any circumstances. I also strongly believe that for those who make cooked meat a regular part of their diet, zapping it when it is fresh from the grocery store (raw and prior to being cooked) helps to lengthen how long you can keep it raw and in your frig before it spoils to the point of being no longer wise for consumption.

I cannot remember where I read this, it was one of the numerous Zapper Forum s, but I did read of a simple experiment that was done with raw chicken. A batch of chicken breasts was bought from a typical grocery store. Before it was put into the frig, the breasts were taken out of it's plastic and sterofoam package, and a zapper was applied to each raw breast for several minutes. Then these breasts were put in the frig, and it was found that they kept for many more days before spoiling compared to normally--un-zapped breasts.

This was a fairly unscientific experiment, I believe the testing method used to detect "spoiled-ness" was the same that most people use when they try to gauge if raw meat left in the frig is spoiled or still okay to cook - the nose.

To summarize, raw meat, zapped or not, should not be consumed, but by all means, zap your raw meat when you first get it home from the grocery, especially if you intend to let it stay in the unfrozen section of your frig prior to cooking/consuming. For those who go this route, a Zappicator would seem especially appropriate for this purpose since the Zappicator board better lends itself to being cleaned/sterilized afterwards.


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