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Re: Pets by Ohfor07 ..... Hulda Clark Support Forum

Date:   8/31/2005 1:47:57 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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PiscesGirl, I came by my dog via similar circumstances as did you. When I first got him, he used to give me that "are YOU going to abandon me too?" look everytime I wanted him to get in the car to go for a ride. He also has some behavioral traits that suggests he was abused. He'd spent months in and out of the cage before we met. It's now been almost 4 years since I brought him home. (Southern Georgia American Bulldog). It's been less than a year since I started reading Hulda's books.

In the interim, I've moved 3 times and let me tell you, it's not easy for a pet owner to find a place to rent these days, part of this I can understand, part not. Many people have suggested "why don't you ditch the dog?". I considered this breifly, at the outset 4 years ago, and this contemplation lasted all of about 2 minutes; I just will not do it, we are bonded till death do us part. Some people have mistakenly interpreted and or twisted the bible to believe that animals were put on this earth for humans to "dominate" and abuse. You see how people are so quick to mistreat animals and pets, and you can only wonder how they treat their children.

The good news: you can zap a dog, just takes a little more attention depending on the model you have. I've been using a Croft Terminator for over a year, during which I have zapped my dog several times. The important aspect is finding the least-hairy spot on his body, in this case it's on the underside. The design of the Terminator makes it easy to apply to a dog, just hold in place for the session. I settled on one 7 minute sessions, every couple days in the beginning, but have not zapped him for several months now. He's never acted as though he dislikes the zapping.

Over time I've also been supplementing his daily meals (2) with some Parsley Water, as well as Black-Walnut Hull Tincture, and he has not yet turned his nose up at either :)


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