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Still in pain and thinking...Now what? by Brad ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   7/17/2003 2:22:59 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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I'm 40, 15 pounds overweight, a smoker and moderate drinker. I've had GERD off and on since it last fall. That's when my MD started me on Aciphex 20mg. It did the trick and mostly my GERD had not been bothering me so I stopped taking the Aciphex.

About 3 weeks ago is when I had a real bad attack and started back on my medicine. After about 5 days of not feeling any better, I went to my doctor. He said to increase the Aciphex to twice a day. He also gave me a long list of do's and don'ts (mostly don'ts) and said to call him if I didn't feel any better in 3 days. I waited about 6 days and still had pain.

Over those six days I did my first liver/gallbladder flush and produced about 1 to 2 dozen pea sized green gallstones. I thought, that would 'do the trick' and other than feeling a little worn out that next day, I didn't have any pain for 48 hours. That's when I called my doctor back and explained my discomfort (pain and a burning feeling under my right shoulder blade, pain and pressure under my right ribs and a little naseau...sometimes a lot of naseau and vomitting). I should note that I have never had THIS type of pain before.

I called my doctor back and he scheduled an endoscopy. Another 6 days would pass until that appointment, so a did a second flush. To put this in context, I did two flushes over two concurrent weekends. The second flush produced little to nothing and was a real disappointment.

The day following my second flush I had an afternoon of the worst pain I have ever had. I called the doctor's office that next morning and they scheduled me an ultrasound for that afternon. The results of the ultrasound were negative for gallstones.

Wednesday I had the endoscopy. The endoscopy MD tells me that its results show no problems that he can see and that he reccommends it's my gallbladder. I'm waiting to hear back from my primary doctor to see what his next suggestion will be.

I'm still hurting and I feel like I'm back to square one. I'll call my doctor's office in the AM and ask what the next step is.

I'm wondering why the ultrasound didn't show any gallbladder problems. I'm also wondering, with all the pain I have been having, why the second flush was so unproductive. I did everything I did with the first flush (i.e. lots of apple juice and nothing but fruits and veggies 48 hours before, two doses of epson salts starting 4 hours before the olive oil and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with no pulp and then even layed down on my right side overnight).

Here's a time line of what's been going on:

Last Fall - Acid Reflux Disease diagnosis - started Aciphex
(back slid on the daily Aciphex since because I had felt okay)
6/26 - In pain again and started back on the Aciphex
7/01 - MD appointment, says take two a day and call him back if I did not inprove
7/06 - No improvement - 1st flush - 2 doz pea sized gallstones
7/08 - Pain is back
7/09 - Called MD's office and endoscopy is shceduled for the following week
7/12 - Second flush - 6-8 smaller than pea sized gallstones
7/13 - Worst pain yet that afternoon - lasted about 2 hours and felt better after I threw up
7/14 - Ultrasound - shows no problems with gallbladder
7/16 - Endoscopy - shows no problem with stomach/esophagus
7/17 - As I write this at 2:00 am - another attack and still in pain

I really don't want to have gallbladder surgery but if that is what it takes to stop the pain, I'm there. Does anyone have an comments or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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