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Re: That was fun. by Tracey ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   11/5/2003 1:56:49 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Natalie - well that is verrrry interesting! I had an inkling that you would be the INFP Healer! Yes, I did. How perfect that you were a nurse and now have your diploma for counselling! (perfect for your Pisces Moon self opposite the strong serving Virgo planets you have)

Us 'judgers' aren't really judgemental! (ha) - it's funny that the test uses that word - I see the judging more as an organized slotting of ideas and perceptions into categories and such. The 'perceivers' are more like sponges - taking it all in without, yes, I guess judgement! The world needs both types, I'd say... Hmmm.

Did you check out your Mayan signature? Blue Solar Monkey.

I pulse in order to play (solar + blue monkey)
Realizing illusion
I seal the process of magic (Blue Monkey)
With the solar tone of intention (Tone: Solar)
I am guided by the power of accomplishment (blue hand)

In this little poem that captures some of the glyphs in your Mayan signature, I can see some of your astrological stuff too. Blue Hand is your Saturn in the 10th house (desire for accomplishment). Blue Hand is also the Healer!! You are guided by the Healer within you. Ah - this is the whole Pluto thing again! The Reiki healing energy is synonymous with Pluto's energy. I see your natal Pluto/Uranus is nicely trining your Sun in Taurus. You totally have an ability to be a channel for this powerful energy....if you'd just get out of the way of it. Ya know?


Destiny/Self: Blue Monkey (to be playful, magical, innocent like a child, spontaneous)
Higher Self/Guide: Blue Hand (Healer!, doing something with your hands, 'doing')
Hidden Helper: White Dog (companions of destiny, love, heart chakra, emotional body issues)
Challenge/Focus: Red Dragon (primal Energy - getting a handle on it. This totally correlates with your Saturn in Aries - which is also a 1/first/initiator) Remember that, Challenges like Saturn's energy may start out difficult and challenging - but as you get older and more experienced they turn into your Focus and your Work. It's your Life Lesson - what you came here for. Something about learning how to use energy/action...
Compliment (something you can use): Yellow Star (beautiful! Way show-er, radiant energy, is just what it sounds like it is! Yellow Star!)

Anyway....oh yeah! I think it's cool that your Wavespell starts on Blue Night - so that when you ask, "What is my Purpose?" The answer springs from Blue Night - which is all about dreams, navigating the dream-world, the darker, subjective place within...all that cool stuff!

Your last Wavespell was on August 24th and lasted for 13 days. If you remember what you were feeling at that time - if you were setting any intentions (however subconsciously) they may come true within the next 9 months.

Your next Wavespell isn't until March 11, 2004.

Okay - that's all for now!


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