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Re: Dry eye by rudenski ..... Eyesight Forum

Date:   12/30/2003 9:59:37 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I am personally going to try the pascalite clay for my Conjuctivitis Sicca. Basically you filter pure water through the pascalite clay and use the water as eyedrops. I am going to give it a try. Do you have any growth on your iris?

I also found this on the web: Conjuctivitis sicca

Euphrasia.—This remedy applies chiefly to acute inflammation of the conjunctiva attended by profuse lachrymal discharge accompanied by extension of the inflammation to the nasal passages. Fluent coryza calls for its administration, and it relieves many of the attendant conditions, and where such cases lead to such chronic affections as corneal ulceration the incipient stages may be controlled by it. In the early stages of what was termed strumous ophthalmia in olden time, its action is often of service, though its most reliable place is in the early stage of fluent coryza. The catarrhal stage of measles, when the eyes and upper nasal passages are coincidentally involved is an appropriate place for its exhibition. I regard it as a remedy for superficial affections of the conjunctiva attended by much lachrymation, and seldom employ it in other cases, for I believe we have better remedies when deep tissues are involved. We have better nutritional remedies and better remedies when the connective tissue, or even the deep part of the conjunctiva is affected.

Rhus Tox.—I use this remedy more frequently than all other eye remedies known to me. In general practice it comes into requisition so frequently as to be a common standby. It is almost invincible in ordinary acute untraumatic conjuctivitis. As an illustration: Less than a year ago while visiting the family of an old and steadfast patron, the father of several children, I was informed that one of the boys had brought a case of pink-eye from school and it had spread to all the children in the family. I had been called for another purpose, for the parent did not suppose that in this day of specialists I could do anything in the eye matter, and had a fortnight before consulted a specialist, who had supplied him with an invincible collyrium, supposed to act promptly and cure every case, but no improvement had followed and discouragement was rampant. All were surprised when I informed them that I believed I could prescribe a remedy which would cure without delay. I was urged to do so and left rhus tox. in appropriate doses. Much satisfaction was expressed later, for marked improvement was manifest in three or four days, and before the end of the week all were well. Much astonishment was expressed that an internal remedy could thus speedily accomplish a cure without local measure.

Rhus speedily removes the stye habit. Rhus has cured it for my cases after years of persistence in a few months. I always speak with confidence when prescribing it for such cases, because it has never failed me. Not long ago a mother called with her little girl, a child of about seven years, with a complication of troubles, among which sore eyes was one of the complaints. A conjunctivitis of several weeks' standing had at length brought on a small granular growth over the sclerotic, not far from the cornea, the growth being on the conjunctiva. Phytolacca and rhus were prescribed for this, and when the child appeared a fortnight later the eyes were entirely well. The remaining ailments were banished by the later prescription.

Not only does rhus manifest a surprising influence upon the eyes, but the tissues of the face surrounding them respond to its influence. I have cured erysipelatous eczema of the face of years' standing with it, without any local application.


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