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Date:   6/10/2005 11:12:24 PM ( 13years ago)
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A product like Wateroz represents a major anitdote to the contrived diease epidemic that has been allowed to occur through the contrived demineralization of our soil. As Linus Pauling siad...all disease can be traced back to mineral deficiency. THis was brought to the federal government (world as well) back in the 30's of the last century.How Feds (CIA/FBI) shut down innovator/healer.


Criminal Cointelpro FBI-CIA-DCS Ted Gunderson Strikes again
his latest victim Dave Hinkson a Patriot American and owner of and former Radio Talk Show Host, faces life in prison on
Gunderson’s trumped up false charges.Ted L. Gunderson a known Fraudster, Scamster, Killer, Extortionist, Bush
Crime Family Spin Doctor, Black Panther Killer, Patriot Spy and Name
Collector, Murder for Hire Scheming Actor and Stalker.GUNDERSON A TERRORIST WHO COMMITTED TREASON
Gunderson a Terrorist who committed Treason against America, selling
Terrorist Osama Bin Laden Stolen Stinger Missiles was a senior special
agent in charge of the FBI’s Los Angelos office when forced out of the FBI
into early retirement in 1979 for holding Satanic ceremonies in his FBI
offices, and being diagnosed a Paranoid Schizophrenia.Gunderson operated an illegal covert shadow government office within the
FBI for the Bushes.After leaving the FBI Gunderson went to work for the Bush CIA Shadow
Government, were he now commits acts so notorious that it sounds almost
Gunderson a diagnosed Paranoid Schizophrenia in 1971 who refused to take
his medication, which lead to his first divorce from Joséline with 4
children, full filled his dream as a declared paranoid schizophrenia,
working his covert scams to enrich his own ego, pride, Schizophrenia, and
line his pockets illegally, off the backs of innocent victims he cons.Gunderson knew he would never be allowed to retire from the Bush Crime
Family because of his crimes against humanity as a Government FBI-Cointel
Pro Agent, with illegal covert overlay with CIA, including Iran Contra
activities. That overlay was Illegal Black Budget Knights Templar
Comptroller Clint Murchison owner of the Dallas Cowboys.See: front page The Last Circle by Sherry Seymour
Gunderson admitted to this Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb, in
conversations in 2000, that George H. W. Bush holds the keys to
Gunderson’s future in the Bush’s hand.Gunderson’s own admissions to molesting children himself, Gunderson stated
“Bush will always hold this over my head and never will let me retire”.Are you admitting that you Ted Gunderson molested children?
Gunderson‘s answer “Yes”.
Evidence has now surfaced that Ted L. Gunderson and his daughter Lorie
Hern of Santa Monica California also a diagnosed Paranoid Schizophrenia
who has been hospitalized numerous times in recent years are having a very
unusual father daughter affair.Two of Ted Gunderson’s adult children suffer from Ted Gunderson’s deformed
Gunderson not only has committed Treason against America, but also has
Blackmailed Congressmen and Senators with a child sex ring, known as
Operation Brownstone, with CIA George Pender and CIA George H. W. Bush.
The Washington Times Newspaper touched on some of this subject when they
did stories on Senator Barney Frank’s Homosexual Page activities and
callboys to the White House in 1989. See: front page.To limit the liabilities when this surfaced in 1989, to keep from it being
know children were being transported from orphanages all over the USA to
Washington and being drugged and taken overnight to be used as sex slaves
to Blackmail know child molesters who served in the Congress, Senate, and
other High ranking Government Officials. Gunderson helped John Decamp with
the Franklin Cover-up case, this was to limit the liabilities to one
location and be able to control it, by pointing a finger at Larry King the
Black Republican, who would become the instant fall guy.OPERATION PHOENIX
John Decamp a known CIA Operative involved with Operation Phoenix in
Vietnam, which was the extermination of an entire race and culture of
Vietnamese men, women and children, from school teachers to top Government
Officials, in order to Terrorize a nation in to submission.Decamp and Gunderson worked together in the Franklin Cover Story.
In 2001 a direct witness Renee, who paid Gunderson $10,000.00 and claimed
to have been molested in Nebraska was a direct witness against Gunderson,
she was killed 2 weeks after telling me, Stew Webb, she wanted to come
public to tell everyone what kind of a Monster Gunderson really was. Renee
had 2 children ages 14 and 17 when she was killed in Colorado.GUNDERSON TRIED TO FRAME STEW WEBB
This was during the time Gunderson was trying to frame me, Stew Webb on a
false charge, using Gunderson’s side kick Tom Gaule who killed 2 men in
cold blood, and admitted to me, Stew Webb, that he Gaule had done so.
Gunderson got Gaule off the murder charges by lying in a Las Vegas Murder
Trial for Gaule. The charges against myself a form of assault on Tom Gaule
were dismissed in Las Vegas Court.Prior to Tom Gaule’s false charges, Gunderson sent a swat team in, which
raided and destroyed a house in Las Vegas, the swat team used grenade on
the doors and broke out nearly every window in the house I was renting.The detectives and swat team left after five hours with apologies that
they were given false and misleading information by Ted Gunderson, and the
Police stated no charges would ever be brought against me.Later Tom Gaule files false charges for Gunderson to try and silence me.
See: front page Audio Threat the day after the Swat team
raid, threats by Gunderson over the Guns for Drugs exposure, and his Iran
Contra-Osama Bin Laden Bush Role.See: front page Stew Webb Report on Ted Gunderson
with an affidavit from a Las Vegas News Journalist stating Gunderson lied
in Court about me, Stew Webb.GUNDERSON A KNOWN SATANIST
Gunderson further a Satanist, who parades around claiming to be raised as
a Christian, married in 1998 Rachael Lavey the widow of the founder of the
Church of Satan Anton Lavey.The Gunderson’s never dated prior to their 2-week marriage.
Rachael Gunderson kicked Ted Gunderson out because she claimed Gunderson
was a one-minute man and could not perform in bed.Gunderson filed for annulment of their marriage in 1999 in Las Vegas,
Nevada Family Court, the document filed in court was prepared by paralegalJack Firm of Las Vegas for Gunderson.
Ted L. Gunderson worked in his early years of the FBI as a Cointelpro agent.
"The FBI COINTELPRO program was initiated in 1956.
Its purpose, as described later by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, was "to
expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize activities"
of those individuals and organizations whose ideas or goals he opposed.
Tacticsincluded: falsely labeling individuals as informants; infiltrating groups
with persons instructed to disrupt the group; sending anonymous or forged
letters designed to promote strife between groups; initiating politically
motivated IRS investigations; carrying out burglaries of offices and
unlawful wiretaps; and disseminating to other government agencies and to
the media unlawfully obtained derogatory information on individuals and
Ted Gunderson was called before the United States Senate in 1971 and
reprimanded for his roll in the murder set up of five Black Panther
members 2 were acquitted, after Gunderson send Love letters claiming to be
from one panther to the others wife. Panther leader Bobby Seals was
falsely accused and spend 2 years in jail before being found innocent of
murder.The United States Government settled in a lawsuit for several Million
Dollars. This has been a pattern of false murder for hire allegations by
Gunderson’s entire career as a FBI agent was nothing more than an act of
illegal activity. Gunderson was a FBI-Hoover “boy“, who would do anything
Hoover said, even if it meant false arrest, Conspiracy to murder, perjured
testimony in order to effectuate Hoover’s goals.FBI HOOVER A KNOWN HOMOSEXUAL CROSS-DRESSER
FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was a known Cross-Dresser who secretly liked
to be called “Mary” and dressed up as a woman, “Hoover loved Ted
Gunderson“.It is known that Gunderson had private meetings with Hoover were Gunderson
According to Gunderson’s Felon partner Victor Hancock who was indicted in
Las Vegas by the Nevada Attorney General in the late 1990s for securities
fraud, scamming little old ladies out of their life saving with a gold
scam, Hancock who uses alias names, has repeadly stated in front of many
witnesses that Ted Gunderson is a Closet Homosexual, and Hancock claimed
Gunderson and Hancock were Lovers.GUNDERSON’S REAL ESTATE LAND SCAM
Hancock and Gunderson have another scam operating, a so-called Real Estate
development in Baja, Mexico, on land owned by Iran Contra Narcotics
Smuggler General John Singlaub, the General President Jimmy Carter fired.GENERAL JOHN SINGLAUB’S NARCOTICS SMUGGLING
In the early 1990s General Singlaub’s Boeing 707 landed on
the Baja, Mexico land, were a drug airstrip was. The Plane had burned an
engine due to overload of Narcotics. The DEA seized and sold the Jet at
their DEA auction, yet General John Singlaub was never charged with
Narcotics smuggling.Singlaub ran the Mena, Arkansas drug operations for Criminal Col. Oliver
North, Bill & Hillary Clinton, George H. W. Bush and was in charge of the
illegal Iran Contra-Capison Indian Reservation guns for drugs operations
in Indio, California. The Capison Operation involved CIA Michael
Ricionsciuto who currently is serving 24 years in prison for operating an
illegal Meth-Drug lab, in which Ted Gunderson was a direct partner in that
meth lab, and was a recipient of large quantities of cash from
Ricionsciuto, yet Gunderson has never been arrest for his narcotics
ABC News Journalist Danny Caselero was killed shortly after contacting Ted
L. Gunderson in 1991 about Gunderson’s roll in the Inslaw Software affair
with Ricionsciuto. Inslaw with the Stolen Westar Satellite System run by
E-Systems of Dallas is capable of hearing you while your phone is hung up.Big Brother and big ears on the entire world.
Further a trap door was put in the software and given to Intelligence
Divisions of various Governments so Bushes could monitor everyone.This is what got Danny Casselero killed.
See: front page Top Secret Stinger Missiles & Inslaw
This may be, because of Gunderson’s throw away 38 Caliber Revolver he
cherished and protected that was not registered, that weapon is believed
to have been involved in the demise of several people while Gunderson
worked for the FBI. I, Stew Webb asked Ted Gunderson, knowing Gunderson
was not very bright, and very careless in his stupid acts, how he
Gunderson ever was promoted to a senior special agent Gunderson stated:I always volunteered for overtime, and I did what ever I was told.
That included violating Americans Constitutional and Civil Rights, by
breaking down doors with out warrants. Sending Love letter that got people
murdered, protecting weapons for drugs manufacturing and the kidnapping of
children from southern California for Child Traffickers to Costa Rico
during the late 1970s, for the Bush Crime Family.If your child was kidnapped from southern California in the late 1970s
Gunderson probably protected the kidnappers, the drug smugglers would dock
at Santa Monica with Costa Rico Drugs, load weapons and young California
girls and went back to Costa Rico to Chicaquita Bananas-United Fruits
Ranch, were drugs for guns was the every day business for Bushes.This was the Ohio Carl Linder, John Hall, and General John Singlaub
connections.Singlaub had offices across the hall from Savings & Loan CIA Scamster
Charles Keating. Singlaub shared offices with George H. W. Bush’s nephew
who ran a scam operation known as Bush Securities.See: The Junk Bond Daisy Chain Frauds
See: Costa Rico Bushes Indictments
January 24, 2005GUNDERSON’S LATEST VICTIM DAVE HINKSON Front Page See: "Dave Hinkson Case Jan 2005 A Complete
Report by Roland HinksonSee: "Dave Hinkson case Stew Webb’s Subpoena Jan 24 2005
Former Talk Show Host Dave Hinkson, owner of Water oz a colloidal
mineral-silver manufacturer, languishes behind bars today
topping nearly 14 months illegally held in jail as a direct result of Ted
L. Gunderson, Anthony Hilder, Annett Hasolone, JC Harding Joe Swisher and
others. Hinkson was convicted on 3 counts of murder for hire, the Judge
Richard Tillman would not allow the Jurors to hear the testimony of over
30 key witnesses in David Hinkson’s defense, which is Obstruction of
Justice.Ted L. Gunderson, Anthony Hilder, Annett Hasolone, set up Former Talk Show
Host and Water oz owner Dave Hinkson on a fake murder for hire charges, in
order to steal Hinkson's Water oz Business, and collect on a fake lawsuit
against Hinkson after Hinkson fired Annette because she had warrants for
her arrest for Narcotics. Hinkson was named originally in a lawsuit by Art
Bell against Gunderson and Hinkson. Bell dropped the suit against Hinson
but Bell won his suit against Gunderson for slander and defamation of
charter. Gunderson said Radio Talk Show Host Art Bell was a child
molester. Gunderson and other have repeatly lied and perjured themselves
in depositions and testimony in U.S. Federal Court in Boise, Idaho on Jan.
24, 2005, and in telephone conversations with Hinksons Attorney Wesley
Hoytle. This is far from being the end of this case.Hinkson another Patriot American has now been set up by Terrorist Ted
Gunderson and his FBI-CIA-DCS Goons.During my time in the halls of injustice, where Federal Judge Richard
Tillman presided during the Dave Hinkson trial the day I Stew Webb,
testified in Dave Hinkson's Trial against Ted Gunderson. I noticed Ted
Gunderson had a very unusual walk, first I tried to figure this out, but
could not until Gunderson rotated his head from front to rear. I thought I
was watching the movie the “Exorcist”.Gunderson’s fat face and neck twisted in his shoulders.
Gunderson walking in his cheap clanging boots, and cheap polyester suit
brought a second thought to my mind. Why and what is that walk, a fear of
me Stew Webb or what?Then I noticed in the spirit it was the walk of a huge demon in Ted
*Tom Heneghan Federal Whistleblower 2004 Presidential Candidate Gunderson
has Stalked, Threatened, Slandered and defamed the character of Tom, using
Cross-dresser and Child p 0 r no collector Denver FBI Division 5 Druggie Tim
White, Brenda Negri, Larry Lawson, Sherry Shriner and others.*Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower 2004 Vive Presidential Candidate
Gunderson has Stalked, Threatened, Slandered and defamed the character of
Stew, using Cross-dresser and Child p 0 r no collector Denver FBI Division 5
Druggie Tim White, Brenda Negri, Larry Lawson, Sherry Shriner and others.*Jackie McGauley the McMartin Preschool Whistleblower-Mother Gunderson,
Tried to kill by poison, Robbed of over $30,000.00 from Jackie's credit
cards. Gunderson has claimed to fame the McMartin case, when in fact he
helped cover it up. Gunderson even wrote $10,000.00 of his income tax,
which was fraud, he never put out a nickel. This is income tax evasion.
Gunderson has Stalked, Threatened, Slandered and defamed the character of
Jackie, using Cross-dresser and Child p 0 r no collector Denver FBI Division
5 Druggie Tim White, Brenda Negri, Larry Lawson, Sherry Shriner and
others.*Barbara Hartwell CIA Whistleblower Gunderson has Stalked, Threatened,
Slandered and defamed the character of Barbara using Cross-dresser and
Child p 0 r no Collector Denver FBI Division 5 Druggie Tim White, Brenda
Negri, Larry Lawson Sherry Shriner and others.*Jeremy Floyd Whistleblower-Radio Talk Show Host Gunderson has Stalked,
Threatened, Slandered and defamed the character of Jeremy using
Cross-dresser and Child p 0 r no collector Denver FBI Division 5 Druggie Tim
White, Brenda Negri, Larry Lawson Sherry Shriner and others.*Art Bell Radio Talk Show Host (Filed Suit and won against Gunderson after
Gunderson repeatly called Art Bell a child molester).*Polly Glass Case
*Karl Swartz Federal Whistleblower Gunderson has repeadly tried to
infiltrate Karl without success.*Gunderson’s former FBI partner, Gunderson stole over $100,000.00.
*Mary Schibe Estate of Las Vegas, Gunderson robbed over 3 Million in gold
bars and stole $150,000.00. He was caught stealing the $150,000.00 and now
has to pay $1,500.00 per month from his $65,000.00 per year FBI early
retirement checks.*Gunderson was caught selling the Estate and House of a Nurse in the mid
1980s, the Nurse was sent to Gunderson’s Sierra Clinic in Mexico, died and
her body was never found. Gunderson plea-bargained to keep from going to
jail, after being caught trying to sell her house.*There are additional 42 victims, not disclosed for safety reasons as
material witnesses, for future prosecution of Ted Gunderson.We all are now calling him “Teddy The Scamster Gunderson”

AMERICANS MURDEREDAccording to many in the 9-11 WTC truth committees and grass roots
movement, including leaders Karl Scwartz, and Tom
Heneghan, Gunderson is trying to squeeze himself into the groups in order
to identify who knows what for the Bushes.Bushes were behind the murders of 3,000 Americans on 9-11-2001.
Take this as a big warning, beware of killer Ted L. Gunderson the Bush
Crime Family Terrorist Stalker, and his nutty perverted sidekicks.GUNDERSON’S PARTNER TERRORIST OSAMA BIN LADEN
Osama Bin Laden who was accused of 9-11 WTC attack on America is in hiding
in China, and the Bushes know this, Osama Bin Laden was their illegal CIA
partner as described in Michael Moore‘s Documentary Farenheight 9-11.
Osama Bin Laden was a partner of Ted Gunderson. Terrorist Osama Bin Laden
purchased stolen U.S. Stinger missiles from Terrorist Ted Gunderson,
including a Neutron bomb.See: The Secret Document Stinger Missiles on the front
page. Gunderson never has been charged with this Treasonous acts against
America in Violations of the Barkley Cole Indenture Act, if Gunderson is
ever convicted he faces the death penalty.GUNDERSON THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY SPIN DOCTOR & LIAR
Gunderson the known Scamster and Fraudster who has infiltrated the Patriot
community, Gunderson always comes out with a Spin Doctor story for the
Bush Crime Family, every time Bushes needs a big lie for the Patriot
Community.Gunderson is always there willing to be “Bushes Lap Dog“.
Gunderson’s latest Spin is his so-called secret knowledge of Former
Senator Gary Conduit’s aid Sandra Levy. Gunderson knows nothing of any
value regarding Levy, yet Gunderson recently put out a story to cover his
rear on the Dave Hinkson Trial, Gunderson tried to divert attention to
himself with so called knowledge and the smoking gun on Sandra’s so called
murder.I, Stew Webb was a recipient of Insider information about Sandra’s
disappearance. He are the facts:Sandra was taken to a party the night before her so-called disappearance.
Conduit a known sexual pervert, who was AC/DC like Gunderson, thought
Sandra was in love with him. Conduit promised Levy he would divorce his
wife and all the other lies. He felt she would do anything he asked.So Conduit went to the next level of trust with Levy, thinking she would
obey.Conduit & Levy went to a party, were Vice President Occupant Richard
Cheney was sodomizing a 7-8 year old girl, who was screaming. Richard
Cheney had an implant in his private part years ago, because he could not
measure up. The party was a full-blown orgy of many high level Government
Officials, we call them the Satanic Perverts. Several children were seen
there by Sandra Levey. She was a direct witness to Richard Cheney
molesting and sodomizing this 7-8 year old child. Sandra left immediatelyin fear of her life. Conduit the next day was at Richard Cheney’s office
for an hour-long meeting, during the time of Sandra’s so-called
disappearance.I will only state this, it is known Sandra may be alive, and a witnesses
against Cheney. There was a body found weeks later, but not believed to be
Sandra. So ask yourself a question, is this a convenient time for
Gunderson to come out with a Spin Doctored Story? While he has been
nailed for the so-called-Murder-for-hire scheme of Dave Hinkson?Gunderson’s false story appeared last week in the Globe newspaper,
the week after the Hinkson Trial.
AWARD 2004
Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan Federal Whistleblowers Announce The Bush Crime
Family Terrorist & Scamster Award for 2004:In order to be eligible for this award you must be a member of The Bush
Crime Syndicate, a Real Slim ball who has committed a form of Treason or
Terrorism against America.Congratulations to American Terrorist/Scamster CIA-FBI-DCS Ted L. Gunderson.
Breaking News Jan. 30, 2005 since Ted Gunderson’s wear bouts is now of
record, I can release this. Early Jan. 2005 CIA Ted Gunderson attempted to
murder or bring harm to 2004 Presidential Candidate and Federal
Whistleblower Tom Heneghan. Gunderson came to Heneghan's door in
California, claiming he was from the Sierra club. Tom recognized Gunderson
and immediately gave the Jacabinion response, of which Gunderson ran
screaming down the street, your nuts, and your nuts, as Gunderson fleed.
The American Revolution continues, identify the Front Page
See: Ted Gunderson Threat against Stew Webb Sept 2001
See: "Dave Hinkson Case Jan 2005
See: "Dave Hinkson Subpoena Jan 24 2005
See: Gunderson Sold Terrorist Osama Bin Laden Stinger Missiles
Gunderson a Former Senior Special Agent for the FBI, who uses his former
credentials to fool the general public, a Bush Crime Family con-artist in
action.American Terrorist Ted L. Gunderson, why is he not behind bars? Homeland
Security you are hereby put on noticed under Title 18 U.S.C. 4 Federal
Reporting Crimes Act (See: Stew Webb Federal Grand Jury Demand below) do
your JOB and arrest this criminal. We will testify and present the
evidence against Gunderson.1. Gunderson was a member of FBI-Hoover Personal Goon Squad. Hoover was a
known Homosexual-Cross Dresser a.k.a. Mary. Gunderson was forced out of
the FBI into early retirement in 1979 after holding Satanic Ceremonies in
his FBI-LA, CA. office, which was a FBI-CIA illegal covert operation. He
now sucks off the American taxpayers a $65,000 a year retirement.2. Gunderson a Satanist, in 1998 Married the widow of Anton Levay, the
founder of the Church of Satan. Gunderson got a divorce-annulment
1999-2001 in Family Court Las Vegas, Nevada, after Rachael Gunderson could
not be satisfy by Ted Gunderson in bed, their marriage lasted only
2-weeks. Gunderson eats Bull Sperm rather than v1agra, Satanists are known
to eat Bull Sperm and drink their own urine. The Women call him the
one-minute man.3. Gunderson admitted to Molesting Children and claims that is the
Blackmail George H. W. Bush holds over Gunderson's head.4. Gunderson admitted to setting up Black Panther Members on murder
charges, by sending love letters from one Panther to the others wife, this
caused a Panther member to kill another, and several members to be framed
on murder charges, when they were not involved. Bobbi Seals and others
were acquitted in Federal Court on these false drummed up FBI Gunderson
charges. During Senate Hearings in the early 1970s, Gunderson and his FBI
Coin-Tel Program-goons were reprimanded for their illegal actions as FBI
agents against American Citizens and violating American Citizens Rights.
The Panther members were paid several million in damages, Gunderson never
went to Jail.5. During this early 1970s timeline Gunderson divorced his wife Joseline,
they had 4 children. Gunderson who saw a psychiatrist with Joseline was
diagnosed as a Paranoid Schizophrenia, and was on medication for his
Mental Condition for nearly a year. Gunderson began refusing to take his
medication, which he then became violent toward his wife. Gunderson's wife
left him because of his abusive behavior and Gunderson's mental condition.
Gunderson's daughter Lorie Hearn of LA, CA. who Gunderson supports with
stolen monies, Ted Gunderson Jr. of Pennsylvania both suffer Paranoid
Schizophrenia, and both have been jailed and hospitalized on numerous
occasions in the past few years, and are on Medication for their mental
problem.6. Bush Crime Family Terrorist-Goon Ted L. Gunderson admitted to selling
Terrorist Osama Bin Laden Stinger Missiles, then denied it on radio many
times calling Stew Webb a liar, then admitted after Stew Webb released the
Explosive Top Secret Document Proving Gunderson did sell Terrorist Bin
Laden the weapons for drugs. (See the document below.)7. Gunderson a known CIA Shadow Government Scamster-Crime Syndicate Member
working for General John Singlaub was a major Illegal Iran-Contra Player,
which involved the Capison Indian Reservation in Indio, California. ABC
reporter Danny Cassalero was killed after communicating with Ted
Gunderson, over Gunderson’s involvement in the Drugs for Guns-Inslaw
Cases. Gunderson’s partner Michael Riconnishuto was arrested for operating
a Meth-Lab and sentenced to 24 years in jail, Gunderson was recipient of
monies from the Meth-Lab. but never was even charged. In that case
Gunderson went to testify for Reconishuto with false DEA credentials and
was thrown out of the Court by DEA Officials.8. Gunderson Ran Operation Brownstone The Blackmail of Congress and Senate
with kidnapped Children for sex, and children from Orphanages all across
America. Gunderson partners were CIA George Pender, CIA Clint
Murchison-the Dallas Cowboys owner, CIA-Boss Hog George H. W. Bush. When
The Washington Times begin breaking stories on Brownstone and touching on
Senator Barney Franks connections-with boys, Gunderson became the Spin
Doctor to try and limit the liability and do a spin doctor-cover up. The
Spin became the so-called Franklin Nebraska Scandal, to limit the
liability to Nebraska, were it could be controlled. When in fact this
involved Orphanages all across America, and the E-Systems of Dallas, Texas
connections. It further involved what is known as the CIA Finders. See
front page under Bush in handcuffs the stories. (Further
See: Finders Documents not blackout all names appear)9. Gunderson Infiltrates Patriot Groups to Name Collect for Domestic
Contact Services, the low level CIA-FBI operation to keep tabs on
Americans, who expose the Bushes criminal activities. (See: Exclusive Secret Domestic Contact Services Documents only
on Gunderson Infiltrates Whistleblowers to find out what they know, and
if they are a threat to The Bush Crime Family he tries to either,
Discredit, Jail or Kill them for Bushes. Several Key Witnesses have died
after coming forward about Gunderson. Gunderson has been known to be
involved in an illegal wet-opts-murder team for the Bushes.11. Gunderson sells Spin-Doctor stores and reports with false and
misleading information to the idiots who will buy them, on various
subjects The Bushes want to cover-up.12. Gunderson tells everyone he is a Licensed Private Investigator, he has
been fined by the Nevada Attorney Generals Office in 2001 for not having a
License with numerous other complaints of Gunderson scamming his clients.13. Gunderson steals from little old Ladies and their Estates, and then
sends their bodies to his Sierra Clinic (He is the President of the Corp.)
so his CIA partner Rudy Manute, can sells the body parts illegally on the
world market, this clinic operates out of Tijuana, Mexico. Fact: Actor
Steve McQueen was coned by Gunderson and Manute out of $50,000.00 before
Steve McQueen died at the so called clinic, during that time frame
Gunderson and Manute were charging others $5-10,000.00. Gunderson tells
everyone he has a Doctor friend who heals people of cancer, etc, when in
fact Rudy Manute is not an M.D.14. Gunderson was caught stealing $150,000.00 from The Nevada Mary Schibe
Trust in 2000 and cut a deal with the Attorneys of the Trust to keep from
being prosecuted, by allowing the Trust to automatically deduct $1,500.00
per month from Gunderson bank account until the $150,000.00 is paid back.
Gunderson's friend and former assistant Judy Hanson is now in charge of
that Trust. Hanson lives in Manhattan Beach, California.15. Gunderson's partner Victor Hancock a convicted felon runs a Major
Investor Gold Scam with Gunderson, stealing Investors monies and has been
indicted by the Nevada Attorney General Office, yet this scam continues.
Gunderson and Hancock have another scam of selling land on the Island of
Baja, Mexico, to unsuspecting investors. This land is the same property
that General John Singlaub once owned and had a drug for guns landing
strip were Singlaub's 727 airplane landed with a burnt engine in 1991-1992
and was confiscated by the DEA full of cocaine, and sold off at the DEA
auction. General John Singlaub was never charged for the drug running.
Singlaub was deep in bed with Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Col. Ollie
North and General Richard Secord in the Iran Contra drug for guns
operation, which is active today.16. Gunderson runs a major operation of Slander & Disinformation on
Internet Message Boards against legit Whistleblowers using his side kicks
who are on Government payroll, DCS GOONS: Larry Lawson of Indiana,
Cross-dresser Tim White of Denver, Brenda Negri of CA., Ken Adachi of CA.,
Satanist Sheri Shriner, and many others, all with direct ties to the
FBI-Denver's Division 5 office, who covers-up for The Bush Crime Family
Syndicate. (See: Gov. Plants & Patriot Spies)See: "Gov Plant The Lies & Libel of Terrorist Larry Lawson"
See: "Grand Jury Evidence in Support of Restraining order & mental
competency of Tim White"See: "Gov Plant & Stalker Tim White Doreen Bishop Arrest Warrants"
See: "Gov Plant Penis Envy Brenda"
See: "Gov Plant Brenda Negri Would you want this psycho screening your
BARBARA HARTWELL"17. Gunderson Home Address: 750 Royal Crest Circle #237 Las Vegas, Nevada
were he lives with Anna May Newman, an illegal Irish alien, who illegally
draws Social Security off the taxpayers back. Newman was CIA Clint
Murchison maid. She was a direct material witness to the famous Dallas
Texas party of the Kennedy Killers at the Murchison Estate the day before
and November 22, 1963 the day George H. W. Bush and others Murderer
President John F. Kennedy. Why does she live with Ted Gunderson? She pays
his rent and Gunderson owes her $79,000.00 he scammed from her severance
pay when Murchison died.18. Gunderson in the late 1990s had a short wave radio program and was
doing the radio program from Dallas, Texas were he lived for over a year
at the Murchison estate with Newman after CIA Clint Murchison died.
Gunderson broadcast his disinformation radio program from the Murchison
estate for one year, when Gunderson accused National Radio Talk Show Host
Art Bell of Nevada of being a child molester. Art Bell filed suit against
Ted L. Gunderson and won an undisclosed settlement against Gunderson
Insurance Policy. Clint Murchison was the Bush-Hoover-CIA-FBI Illegal
Shadow Government Connections.19. Ted Gunderson is a Danger to Society in General. Gunderson should be
charged with his crimes, then arrested, indicted and upon sentencing
executed for Treason. See below Federal Grand Jury Demand August 2004.20. There are hundreds of people who have been hurt, scammed, or killed by
Ted L. Gunderson, yet no one will jail him. Gunderson has a Get Out Of
Jail Free Card by the Bushes. This is why Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan have
chosen Ted L. Gunderson as our Bush Crime Family Terrorist & Scamster
Award Recipient of 2004.Gunderson deserves a Patriotic Jacabinion response, to his crimes against Front Page
See: "Grand Jury Demand Aug 4 2004"
See: "Gov. Plants & Patriot Spy's Ted Gunderson CIA-FBI-DCS"
See: "Osama Bin Laden Gunderson Stinger Missiles"
See: "Osama Bin Laden's Accounting Firm"
See: Finders Through a glass very darkly"
Oct 2, 2003. I can prove what I say with documentation (legal papers,
handwritten letters from TLG and more). I guess Noreen Gosh (The Franklin
Neb. case) is just what her husband told me she is; misled and confused. I
used to really enjoy her friendship. Anyone who believes in Ted Gunderson
after what he has done to Mary Schiebe, Lillian Madsen, Homer Young, Bill
Froelich, and many others I have legal papers on, should be pitied. I have
no interest after what has been said in the last few days in having
anything to do with Noreen or any of ted's "associates." I was sucked in,
too---BIG TIME. I wish someone had warned me. Jackie Front Page
See: "Ted Gunderson STOP THE LIES"
Spin Doctor FBI-CIA-DCS Infiltrator Bush Crime Family Member Ted
Gunderson's Letters about Stew Webb (This was when Gunderson Infiltrated
Stew Webb in 1998-2000) Later Gunderson tried to kill and jail Stew Webb
to silence him. Gunderson admitted to Stew Webb that Gunderson had
molested children, Ran Operation Brownstone with CIA George Pender, Killed
a Black Panther, and sold stingers to Terrorist Bin Laden and other acts
of Front Page
See: "Ted Gunderson Letter to Dan Burton Dec 27 1999"
See: "Ted Gunderson Letter to FBI SAC Grant Ashley May 1 2000
Book: The Last Circle see Chapter 6 Ted Gunderson the Guns for Drugs Bush Front Page
See: ""
See: "Whistleblower Ed Schooling Ex LAPD"
INSLAW-Promise Software, Washington Times-Insight Magazine articles below
only show some of the ties to Michael Riconosciuto & Inslaw, they do not
touch on the connections to ex FBI Cointelpro-CIA Ted L. Gunderson.
Gunderson & Raymond Lavis, now hiding out in Canada were directly
involved, through the Capison India Reservation, Indio, CA. Take note here
of Inslaw-E Systems Dallas Texas, currently hooked up through the Weststar
Satellite Systems, can hear everything that is being said by you in your
home or office, while your telephone is hung-up. This is Big
Brother-Shadow Government, it has been in effect since the 1980s, Thanks
to George H.W. Bush, Edwin Meese, Dr. Earl Brian, Ted Gunderson, Michael
Riconosciuto, Raymond Lavis, and others, if you desire to have a
conversation in your home without being heard, unplug your telephone's
from their wall sockets, and big brother-Government will not hear you.
Further with the voice recognition, Inslaw can monitor you from any
telephone in the World, if they have your voice enter into their system.
Further, for spy purposes they can also monitor you through cable tv
connections and actually see and hear you through your TV, making love to
your spouse, if you desire privacy unplug the cable connection. My good
friend the late Bill McCoy (Killed 1997) DIA-Defense Intelligence Agency
retired, investigated and exposed this for the Hamilton-Inslaw-Prosecutor
Software company that was ripped off by Criminal Former U.S. Attorney
General Ed Meese. A report was completed by Congressional Investigators
that proved the U.S. Department of Justice was totally out of control
involving "The Inslaw Prosecutors Software Affair". Call your US
Representative for a copy of their investigations report. Several good
American's/Whistleblowers and Investigative Journalists have been Murdered
over what I have Told you here. Thanks to Scum Like current CIA
Shadow-Government Player (Bad Guy) and Predicate Criminal, and Scamster
Ted Gunderson your freedoms have been totally destroyed. Remember this guy
is the FBI agent who was in charge for Hoover, in violating the Black
Panthers Civil & Constitutional Rights and got one of them killed. He
claims he is a Patriot, this is bull, read my full report above on Ted Front Page
See: "Ted Gunderson The Plot Thickens in Inslaw Promis Affair by Kelly O
Meara"See: "Ted Gunderson Nothing is Secret by Kelly Patricia O Meara"
See: "Ted Gunderson Promis Trail Leads to Justice by Kelly O Meara"
See: "Ted Gunderson Promis Spins Webb of Intrigue by Kelly Patricia O Meara"
I, Stew Webb would like to be locked in a room alone with Child Molester
Ted Gunderson for 30 minutes, with a video tape running.I guarantee I will get confessions of this scamsters crimes on camera.
If you are a Radio Talk Show Host Gunderson will use you for his spin
stories.If you are a Patriot with some money and Gunderson finds out you will be
coned out of your money.If you are dying and Gunderson finds out, you will be convinced his Doctor
Friend will heal you, when in reality his CIA Body Parts Sierra Clinic
will be your last stop, and after your death Bush and Gunderson will split
your estate, and sell your body parts.If you are a Whistleblower or a Victim of the Bushes Crime Family,
and Gunderson suddenly is your buddy, watch out you may know more than you
think, and your life or freedoms are at risk, Ted Gunderson is a know
KILLING NUTCASE.In conclusion if Ted L. Gunderson comes calling on you, do all America a
favor, take evasive action.Please visit and read Dave Hinkson’s fathers
Dave’s father Roland Hinkson would like to be a guest on Radio Talk Shows
in order to get the word out about Ted Gunderson & Anthony Hilder, who
framed up Dave Hinkson.Roland Hinkson’s number 970-325-4522 email: roland at
See: front page under Ted Gunderson Terrorist & Scamster
Award 2004 Dave Hinkson Story.Dave Hinkson was found guilty on 3 of 11 charges of murder for hire,
thanks to Ted Gunderson, Anthony Hilder, and a corrupt Federal Judge
Richard Tillman, who repeatly Obstructed Justice throughout the entire
trial.Dave Hinkson’s 30 witnesses testimony was not allowed to be heard by the
Jury, which if it were Dave would have been found innocent.Judge Richard Tillman was the Judge Gunderson claimed Hinkson was going to
murder. Tillman refused to recuse himself 3 times, which is Obstruction of
Justice.Please forward this to everyone you know who has ever heard of
“Teddy the Scamster Gunderson” or Anthony Hilder, including all Talk Show
Hosts.Dave Hinkson is a True Christian, a Patriot who has helped many people,
he does not deserve to be behind bars for life, on a Trumpet up Gunderson
scheme, it is time to put Ted Gunderson behind bars and shut him and his
goons down now.Thank You.
Stew Webb
Federal Whistleblower
Ted Gunderson’s murder for hire scheme: The setup of Dave Hinkson


remember that they are demineralizing our soil on purpose

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