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Re: Water makes me COLD beyond reasonable - anyone else? by _BOB ..... Success Stories Forum

Date:   2/28/2003 5:30:29 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I am having some trouble with water that I hope someone can help me with: COLD
- Does anyone feel cold when trying to push the water consumption?

When I take just 3 or 4 oz drinks of room temp water, or even warm teas, I get cold. My legs feel very heavy when I walk; I feel woozy; there is a 'heavy bag' feeling below the navel.

I have drank the diruetic teas and peed the whole 80 ozs expected, so I think I 'eliminate' okay, the bladder empties.
I often pee within 10 minutes of drinking [beyond 20 oz consumed over an hour it starts doing that].

To warm up I take a shower, or use the infra-red sauna.
Warm baths too, but they make me very fatigued and weak [same with sauna] p- anyone experience that?? I only filter the drinking water [shower filter next payday], and maybe that why baths wreck me for the day. I I slept after it would be a fine thing to do, but it just makes me weak and not sleepy.

I have a generally depleted condition I think, fatigue and Fibro pains, poor sleep. Thin,too. Bowel probs, eating org. veggies + meat and not much else. Cleansing Kidneys and bowel lately.
Also migraines with a shivering aspect, then I throw up and feel warmer.

Brain Damage - Migraine ?
Last night was an all-nighter, all whacked today, can't sleep. i am fearing those now, maybe i won't allow myself to sleep. It was a screamer.

So maybe the cold i create in me is a CNS or PNS or ENS origin, but still, I believe it can be adjusted.
Ideas? Thanks.


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