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Re: My Second Flush by Adrick ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/28/2003 5:56:01 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hey Hypoguy!!!

I was Doing the mucoid plaques even before I knew that's what they were!!! Within the first week after doing the P and Bs!!!
As for the enemas--I sometimes do them twice a day--but only those half pint size thingies not the 1/2 gallon + thing. Sometimes I justi do a Fleet enema. Sometimes I do my Quickie coffee enema--I make up espresso in the regular drip coffee machine and it works quite nicely. Even that half pint enema of coffee does well for me...It is just I was SO freaking amazed at what the Epsom Salts did for me!!!
As for my fasting. It's not like I have been fasting for four months. I did the ultimate fast for 8 days some months back. Then when I started doing the Liver Flushes I thought hell why not do them a week apart and only eat on Sunday and maybe Monday so I fast Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday...
Only lately I am doing the coffee thing in the morning--as I Feel I HAVE to HAVE something to do that I Absolutely Enjoy!!! Okay it should be the raw salmon steak as protein source! But I don't do the coffee on weekends, to clear my body up a little.
Besides, too, in the beginning I could not resist resorting to eating Pan pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni!!! And holiday candy is sometimes Tempting--especially the peanut butter and chocalate...
So I am feeling actually I am sort of taking my time in all this. I could have Really psyched myself up and done the Jesus 40 day ultimate fast or something...
Anyway I am gradually working myself towards doing the Juices only nutrient intake. And maybe eating on Holidays and then Cleansing afterwards...Right now it is difficult to actually give up Everything!!! So...


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