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Re: My Second Flush by Adrick ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/28/2003 9:14:10 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hey you ALL !!!

And Thanks for all the Posts about milk!!! I figure the milk is my Only vice right now!!! Okay so the coffee too.
But just to reiterate--I didn't consider that I am doing this all as Overkill. I am just tired of all the cheeseburgers and pizzas and ham and cheese subs and Cheeses and Breads that I Absolutely Love!!! Not that I ever weighed over 115 pounds and am 5'6". I have dropped another 10 pounds and FEEL Wonderful so very full of energy with none of those Heavy fatty foods and Breads in my body!!! I have my Energy back and actually require alot less sleep than previously!!!
I am absolutely not trying to impress anyone. Anyone I know thinks this Site is totally New Age crap and many of you know what I mean!!! Most Americans don't want to discus how many bowel movements (if any) they have a day!!! One of my friends only has a bowel movement once a week and says it has been that way all his life so he is not inclined to change. And his doctor tells him his colon is okay. Yeah, Right.
TOO BAD. If Americans would lose that SAD (Sad American Diet--I forget who posted that but I like it!!!) would get rid of all the chemical ridden meats and all the fatty cheeses--well you know how many fewer diseases and health problems there would be. But hey--the Pharmaceutical companies and the Doctors and the Great American Economy would perish...Everyone is too Eager to look for a Pill from their doctor to Cure them of their diseases!!!


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