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My experience, experiments and results by Zule ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   5/13/2003 12:35:54 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Dear Lee.
I do not know scientifical explanation. But I would like to give you my experience.

I had a very big belly. I was told it was just fat. I have exercised a lot with not success. My belly had been big all my life.

At the beginning of the program I felt worse. My belly was like a 5 months pregnant woman. I was crying a lot about my ugly appearance.

After the beginning of my diet I lost some weight. I was very sad seeing myself with thinner legs an arms but a huge belly.

The day I passed the two longs ropes I felt such a relief!!!

I have been passing a lot more. Darker and darker. I have been very careful examining the stool because I did not want to base my hope on a scam. I made an experiment Dr Robert Gray tells in his book: Eat a lot of beets, to change the color of the stools. I did. My stools later had two clearly different colors; One clearly the beet mixed with the psyllium. The other dark gray and green. The texture is also different. I can separate and dissolve the fresher stool with the plastic knife. But I cannot cut the rubbery mucoid plaque. ( You can also use a lot of carrots if you want to do this experiment).
Also It is very clear that the darker the mucoid plaque the more clear the shape of the colon it has.
But the most pleasant result for me is that finally my belly is reducing!! It is not as big as it was. The difference is remarkably. It is not perfectly flat yet my my hope is that I will get flatter than I am now.

I have been giving thanks to God because I can tell the real difference.
My last package from Holistic Horizon got lost and I had 5 days with no shakes. (from Thursday to Tuesday morning).
My digestion had improved and I had really regular and softer bowel movement without any additional help. For those 5 days.
I just today got the second package for my protocol. I ate my lunch and very gladly took my shake with all my hope on this program.
Finally Dr. Gray says that when the cleansing is over you will take the psyllium and will no see any more mucoid plaque. That is the moment to break the cleansing.

I hope this information is useful




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