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help, my 7 yr old stays impacted (constipated) alot. by #164634 ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   4/30/2003 1:35:50 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I have a 7 yr old daughter who has been diagonosed with encopresis, it is soiling with leakage. She has been like this since age 4. She had a xray and is very much impacted with stool and gas. Also has unexplained weight gain, belly aches,pot belly,
redness around anal area, itchy eyes, seems aggitated quickly, Body Odor after outside play, craves sweets.
I did notice the other day after eating raspberry sherbet ice cream that she complained more of her belly aching than normally.
She was in pain right afterwards.
She is a very active girl, eats normally, plays outside, in sports, teacher does notice she tends to be off in another land when she is teaching class. She does have a great memory.
I dont have alot of junk food in the house, she eats like a typical child, not finishing up plate, etc. But she loves sweets, oranges, etc.. In fact she should have been gaining all of this weight during the holidays instead of now, considering she was exposed more to it then. She is 14 lbs over normal weight for her age.Dr. put her on stool softener, it is helping her go more than not having it at all. She also does go but still impacted according to 2nd xray. But not as bad as the first. She can eat corn tonite and not eleminate it for 4 days. Slow metabolism, Dr. said. Had Thyroid checked out, it was fine. Blood Sugar and iron were fine. I am puzzled, I love her so much and I feel like I cant help her. She goes to G I ped. Specialist in a couple of weeks.
But if you can offer suggestions it would help out alot. By the way I have searched many boards for a long time and you are the best site, very active. Thanks again.

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