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Repost on fecal odor by #162767 ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   4/21/2003 11:13:14 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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There were a couple previous threads about this problem, one of which I'm reposting here and the other I'm linking to at the end. (I'm doing your work for you, Tracey.)

for the past couple of months, i have noticed a strong fecal odor from my body. i asked a few close friends if they noticed it and they said they did. a few problems i have noticed is my stool is always soft and sticky, and notice sometimes mucus coming from my rectum. this problem is so bad that i stink up an entire room where people are. this problem is so embarrassing. i want to know if this is a bacterial infection/build-up and will a colonscopy/enema help resolve this problem.

TRACEY: I think you need a full on bowel cleanse.

Read the posts within this post: //

A colonoscopy is a diagnostic test performed to see what's going on in the it will do absolutely nothing to help address your problem. An enema will hardly dent the surface of what you are dealing with.

If you are emitting a fecal odor from your body this is occuring because the toxins which are not being rapidly and completely eliminated through your colon are instead expelling through the pores of your skin...and possibly through your lungs when you exhale. The skin and lungs are also organs of elimination...but not the most direct route for metabolic waste so any time you encounter Body Odor s or skin eruptions...this is an indication that the more direct avenues for toxins and waste to leave the body are quite congested and not allowing for proper elimination. Generally when the toxic build-up has reached this level there is also liver the liver is your largest organ of detoxification and it has been overwhelmed with toxins.

Make sure to read the posts that Tracey suggested to you and feel free to ask questions.

*BTW...the lungs eliminate a tremendous amount of toxins from the body...which is one of the many reasons that deep breathing is so very important! Many meditators, yogis and practitioners of internal arts train themselves so that their exhale is always a bit longer than their part, as part of their cleansing routine.



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