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Odor caused by mucus? by cennyg ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   4/21/2003 6:37:45 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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i have a severe problem with a fecal Body Odor . when i have a bowel movement, i notice a lot of mucus on the stools (and especially when i wipe). sometimes it's clear and sometimes it's yellow. i notice a lot that my anus and groin area always hot and sweat a lot (hands too) and have a "sticky, unclean" feeling. after a bowel movement, that's when the odor gets worse. i wipe completely until there is nothing on the toilet paper (sometimes using half a roll) and sometimes i go up in the rectum to clean the walls to prevent any possible leakage. sometimes it feels like my anus "opens up" sporadically even when i don't have a bowel movement. i have talked to numerous physicians and they think it's all in my head but when i'm around my friends and other people, they notice a foul fecal odor. i get comments like "You need to scrub your 'thing'" (which I do numerous times), "Smells like I just dunked my head in a toilet", "Did you make a mess in your pants", "I can stand being around dog fecies better than I can stand by you" and so on. I am a very clean person taking 2-3 showers daily, making sure everything is clean (clothes, towels). i have even resorted to putting deoderant and baby powder down there to try and mask the odor but seems like it only worsens it. one time i noticed a strong smelling odor that smelled like "rotten eggs or a stink bomb" that just wouldn't go away. this problem is ruining all aspects of my life. i have quit my jobs and refuse any invitations from family and friends. i just turned 20 and this problem has been going on for about 5 years, getting worse every year. i apologize for my offensive vocabulary but right now i'm on the verge of desperation and depression. any insight/help would be wonderful.

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