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Uncertain and confused by yrel ..... Ask Dr.Richard Schulze

Date:   4/23/2003 8:47:01 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Hello. I'm new to all this and just barely began a cleansing program two weeks ago. I'm feeling very strange and wanted to get advice/comments about this from others.
The reason I started Dr. Schulze 's program was because my right side would hurt when I'd eat almost anything. It would hurt when I'd sleep on that side. I figured it was gall stones (but feared it was something worse). My gallbladder was removed two years ago by those ever concerned doctors ($$$$$$$) and since then, I've had weird symptoms off and on. One symptom is a horrible post nasal drip after eatting. I don't understand this at all, why it would trigger after eatting. And it wouldn't matter what I ate, either. I'd be sniffing for an hour thereafter, and clearing my throat. Since starting the cleansing program, this sinus thing has gotten worse. Seems I'm always sniffing. I've never had allergies and rarely ever get sick. Now, since getting my gallbladder removed, I've had this sinus thing off and on. I don't understand it at all.
Also, since starting the cleansing program, I'm starting to experience anxiety again. I had a problem with this years ago. Weird sensations in my chest, rushes of fear, bad thoughts, feeling like something is wrong with me... like I'm going to die or have a heart attack or both. I read all the good stuff about what this program can and will do, then I feel like I'll be the exception, with no one to guide/help me in it. I know it sounds drastic, but it's how I've been feeling. I wanted to hear from others, as I really don't know who to talk to or how to get guidance in this other than reading through a zillion pages of text. And when you're in a state of confusion, that isn't easy.
Any help is appreciated.

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