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Scleroderma- Please help! by #166525 ..... Ask Dr.Richard Schulze

Date:   4/22/2003 12:37:39 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Dr. Schulze ,

Almost a year ago, I got very ill as the result of a major sinus infection. Although I healed from the infection, I knew something was still not right with me. I followed up with a specialist, and he has given me a preliminary diagnosis of Scleroderma (hardening of the skin and internal organs). My auto-immune test is positive, and given the other symptoms (heartburn, fatigue, weakness in limbs, Raynaudís syndrome, slight thickening of the skin) the doctor feels that scleroderma is the most probable cause.

I did not find specifics on scleroderma in your index of ailments, therefore I chose the closest related ailment- Lupus. I noticed that you recommend the incurables program along with your Echinacea formula. From all the materials that I have read on auto-immune diseases, I thought it was advisable to stay away from products that stimulate the immune system, as it is already over-stimulated. Please let me know if this is accurate or not. If you have any other recommendations I would really appreciate itÖ

I recently called the American Botanical Pharmacy to request a copy of the catalogue and am looking forward to receiving it. Also, do you have any Canadian suppliers of your products? Because of $exchange, taxes and duty, it becomes very expensive to order products from the U.S.

I truly believe that with your help (and a lot of hard work), I can overcome this disease.

Tracy S


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