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Right Ear Hum, Head Pressure & Pain by Lulu ..... Ask Dr.Richard Schulze

Date:   4/7/2003 11:46:11 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Dear Dr. Schultz,
Hope you can help me. Tinnitis has been with me for thirty years but it got worse about two years ago when I was getting sick
with more colds and pnemonia two years in a row. I have had many sinus infections. I had a right ear infection for 16 years from
colds and swimming every day. Also had a crack in my lower R. bottom molar. Two molars were taken out (upper and lower)
when I was 16. Never knew parents didn't know either. I got sick a lot after that.
Eighteen months ago my R. ear started humming; esp. when there is a low pitch.When I bend
over I feel a lot of pressure and some pain in my head. When I dance I get dizzy when turning. The doctor said the humming is
a form of advanced tinnitus called Hyper Occusis. I have noticed that is is worse when I eat carbohydrates, but cutting them out
of my diet does not get rid of the humming.
I have been on Dr. H. Clark's programs for ten months (including Amalgam removal) and only got sick once this winter. Had a
minor sinus infection which I treated with a homeopathic remedy rather quickly. I feel very good but have not cured what I
intended to cure. I am thankful for my per-serverance and dedication to being well...and admit that I need more help. I hope you
can offer some helpful advice. Hopeful, Lulu

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