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Andi-Body Odor Diet and Lifestyle by Meeeeee ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   10/1/2005 10:19:05 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I just tried to help someone else overcome their BO, so I decided to copy/paste a portion of what I wrote to her to everyone else, so that it could be of some help to you all too.


Now, with regard to Body Odor what can be done?

It's summed up in diet, exercise, lifestyle.

You're probably blocked up in the digestive system, you're probably eating the wrong things, you're probably indoors too much, you probably don't get enough exercise etc. Let me outline some very serious changes for you to make.

1. Get outside and get lots of sunshine on your skin and face, every day. When the sun strikes your skin your body produces Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps you to digest and absorb food. Vitamin D is a long chain molecule that roots itself in your intestine and drags minerals and other nutrients "through" your intestine efficiently and cleanly. Human beings were "meant" to be outside all day, with a minimum of clothes on, with only brief periods of shade. How many of us sit inside "all" day in these shelters we've built locked away from the earth's nutrients? Also your skin contains a compound called inositol. When the sun strikes your skin, not only do you produce Vitamin D, but also another active vitamin called "Inositol Triphosphate" which tells your body what to do with the minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc etc.) you ingest. How many hours a day are you inside? To be healthy and have good digestion you need an "outdoor" lifestyle with lots of sunshine and fresh air. This means that the "majority" of your time should be spent outdoors, not just little brief periods. Of course, many of our obligations say we should go inside, but any free time you have, you know where to be. Go to the park a lot more often, get interested in outdoor sports, maybe gardening or something.

2. Get sunlight on your face without wearing any glasses for at least an hour a day (if you wear glasses that is, else it should be more hours a day.) When the sunlight strikes your face, the light travels into your eye and stimulates your pituitary gland, and pineal gland, and hypothalamus gland. These glands control your hormones (which a malfunction in can cause Body Odor ), they control your sleep cycle, you produce calcitonin, melatonin, serotonin, all the neurotransmitters etc. So for your glands in your brain to work properly and control all your hormones, sexual functions, sleep cycle, and mineral balance, you need ultraviolet light, the kind that only comes from outside. No indoor light can have the same effect except for a "full spectrum light bulb" which you can buy from a flower accessories shop for the winter.

3. You need to take lots of walks outside, because the earth's magnetic field, fresh air, fragrances, and sun are all great for you. This is where you need to spend the majority of your time.

4. Stay "away" from ALL electrical appliances. What does this have to do with Body Odor you say? Well all electrical appliances have a magnetic field associated with it, which is what one is taught in physics. And the magnetism associated with these weak electric fields (which come from electrical power lines outside and all household appliances including the computer screen!) causes the body's cells to not work properly. As you may or may not know your body uses electricity to make all your cells work, and if you sit on the computer or next to a TV all day, your body will start malfunctioning due to the associated magnetic fields exerted on you. So this is another reason why we say go outdoors more often. Out there, if you're away from power lines, you're completely safe, and you have the earth's healthy magnetic field influencing you instead of the electrical appliances.

5. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. They will provide you with great fiber, vitamins and minerals, and enzymes. Of particular importance is consuming lots of minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Acidity in your body's extracellular fluids can very much cause odors to be given off by your skin because all the toxins will stay around adhered to each of your body's cell membranes. If your body fluids were alkaline by consuming foods rich in minerals like fruits, vegetables and nuts, than your body would get rid of the toxins from your cell membranes surface. All fruits and vegetables contain some potassium (a very important mineral), but the best sources are specifically bananas, tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, raisins etc. The best source of sodium is salt. The best source of magnesium is spinach, bananas, almonds, peants, and whole wheat cereal. The best source of calcium is from, milk, yogurt, spinach, and hard water. You need lots of all four of these minerals, and you need to eat all these foods listed, or at least most. This will make sure your body's fluids are healthy and full of oxygen.

You should eat any and all fruits and vegetables, but especially the ones listed, that doesn't mean you can't eat other kinds, you definitely should.

6. What type of protein should you get to eliminate odor? Well, I believe eggs are good, dairy is good, and fish is great. Those three things should be the main source of your animal protein. You should stay away from all flesh meats (beef, poultry, pork) when combatting body odor.

Now what type of exercise should you get? Well aerobic, anaerobic, and flexibility. Just your all around fitness program, I think you know what you should do. The point is, don't sit on your duff, that's a good way to get backed up in the intestine.

Many people associate body odor with puberty, but at that age is when we start changing our lifestyles from being ourside all the time, to "adult-like" lifestyles, being inside or working on "serious matters" all the time. While hormones change dramatically at puberty, to keep the correct function of all your hormones requries the right foods and lots of sunlight without glasses on. So never lose that "kid playing outside all the time" lifestyle. Just eat healthier foods than you did when you were younger. :)

I promise you this odor will be eliminated and your body will start cleaning itself if you follow those six steps and get lots of exercise.

An important note:

Vitamin D is VERY important to consume, because no matter how much zinc you ingest, how much calcium, how much potassium, or sodium, or magnesium (all the essentials), no matter how much you consume your body will hardly absorb ANY of it unless you have sufficient vitamin D in your intestine. What causes this vitamin D to get in your intestine is by getting lots of sunshine on "exposed" skin. If you don't have lots of skin exposed to sun regularly, for instance if it's too cold or cloudy, then you MUST consider taking Vitamin D supplements (at least 1400 IU a day, the Recommended Daily Allowance is only 400 IU) and also eat lots of fish which is one of the only foods with vitamin D in it (also milk has some). You absolutely must get vitamin D else no matter how many minerals you concume, most will just be excreted in which case you're wasting your money and time by consuming them.

Lastly but not least, always strive to maintain social connections. I know its tough to do when they make fun of you, but that is so crucial. Keep up all your social connections and never isolate yourself. If you do that, get exercise, and adhere to all those lifestyle precepts I gave you, you will be happy and healthy, and not smell at all.


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