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(dup from b. cleanse forum... pb shakes questions) by huerix ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/8/2004 3:56:54 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I am a somewhat skeptic- long time researcher and first time poster @ curezone. (gr8 site!!) I don't trust/can't afford 'real' Dr's and I certainly don't trust a bunch of self-appointed shaman, what can I do with my stubborn self but experiment and try a few cleanses? I am asking some questions that I only want answered by those with personal or personally witnessed experience here. None of this 'I have heard' will help me. I am scientific in my approach, although I do believe one's state of mind is important for all life, and I do believe the personal experiences I have read about here (esp. when no product is being pushed).

some background:


I am 29, male. Typical story... losing energy slowly but surely, and memory, and ability to eat rich tasty foods. Allergic reactions such as dry skin, and hives etc. Alcohol and cigs cut way down due to increasingly bad reaction. MY situation got really bad when I worked at a coffee shop that was in a nightclub and also open @ 7 am... I 1/2 owned the bus. w/ only 1 person, (no employees) and got malnourished living on coffee, beer, and no sleep. Further itchy skin, tiredness, bloating, exceptional gas, depression, and an inability to sufficiently change my lifestyle. 'Gummed up' in the works- now sexual function seems to be slightly affected? THAT's IT something must be done!!. I want to say that I am very in touch with my body, and to me it feels like I am dying, but I actually think I am trying to nip this sit. in the bud, and it gets much much worse from here. THAT's IT something must be done!!.

what I am now trying:


As of Apr-2004 I am trying the p&b shakes, probiotics, and candida cleasing herbs to get rid of what has to be a case of systemic candida. I figured 3-lac was well marketed but too expensive and not really proprietary.

I chose the solaray yeast cleanse and the Nature's Way probiotics.

As far as diet, I am improving not completely changing it. (ie no big bowl of ice cream, just a few bites, one 1/2 glass wine per week only, etc) I take a nice beach walk or work in the garden every day, and more vigorous exercise when possible. I have started with only 1 p+b shake and want to work my way up to 4 (I am a fairly petite man here) Anyway after a few days I am feeling better already!

here are the actual questions:


To anyone actually reading all of this: thank you! thank you!

1) Apple sauce?

I think the pb shakes are like apple sauce with no flavor. Anyone tried apple juice exclusively (instead of the h20)? I think I could enjoy it as apple sauce. Does juice affect the function of the shake?

2) Order of taking probiotics.

I have been taking the probiotic at lunch... should I wait until I start clearing plaque and let the antifungals work with the p-b shakes before taking the probiotics? Or take them all along? I can see both sides of this debate... the organisms help, but they are mostly being eliminated anyway.

3) When to try a liver cleanse...

Not looking forward to this but apparently I have some time... but how to know when it is time?
I know the guideline is weeks to months.


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