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Re: PLEASE - someone post a success story! by sky2003 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/21/2004 12:54:52 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I am a success story although I am still continuing along the path to good health. I was allergic to mold, yeast, bourbon and wine. My reactions were extreme bloating and other symptoms like rashes. I have had candida for 10 years but only diagnosed for the last 3. After diagnoses I was able to pinpoint the time I got it - I had just never known what it was before. I have half heartedly attempted to fix it over the last few years with my social life always seeming to get in the way of my good health.

For the last 2 months I have been focusing on my health 99% (the occaisonal vodka cruiser excepted). I have been doing P&B shakes twice daily, taking copious amounts of Colloidal Silver (which in itself causes hell die off and seems to work instantly in helping my allergies and candida symptoms). I have been rotating the following antifungals: nystatin, olive leaf extract, grapeseed extract, garlic, caprylic acid (in my p&b shake) and yeaststat (herbal stuff). I do epson cleanses every so often and eat exactly what is recommended for diet except I find some cheese is ok. I also take a good probiotic that has about 14 strains in it.

Since doing the large amounts of Colloidal Silver I notice a huge improvement in my symptoms and since taking all the antifungals for the last 2 months I am well on my way to being cured. I am no longer allergic to yeast (tested) but I am still allergic to bourbon. When I do have a Sugar blow out I no longer have symptoms. I havent tried wine or mold but the test said I was ok for both this time around.

I am still going to continue my rotation protocol for a few more months and I am going to take what Jake has said about HCL and digestion on board to improve my digestion system overall. I will probably either try Primal Defence or Threelac in a few months just as a precaution and maintenance measure.

I agree that this forum needs a little more positivity.!!!

Candida can be cured. With the right information we can do anything. Good luck to you all!!!!

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