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Re; Shelleycat I'm so confused-please help! by stannarad ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/15/2004 3:02:18 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Hi Shelleycat. I've been battling candida and all the strange ailments that come along with for MANY years. I found Curezone while searching for info on Threelac. I printed off much of your advice to other members as you seem to know so much about many things. I realize that different things work for different people but after hearing so much info from other members ( as well as research on my own ) I am very confused. My thought regarding my high level of toxicity (per seeing yeast, yellow mucus and some unidentified white tissue looking things) in the tube during colonics, and wierd symptoms( I'll elaborate below) is that I just need to detoxify by staying with my candida diet and clean my bowels and keep them moving. Am I on the right track you think? I think you said this is what you did and are over this nightmare now. I am reading so many things I need to do i'm getting overloaded. I've used countless antifungals and take probiotics regularly. I had such a bad reaction to Threelac and Oxygen Plus but am going to try it again since I think maybe was really really bad die-off. Can you give me your opinion on all this please? You can Email me or post on forum. Thanks so much. *** PS. Here are some of symptoms: cold almost all the time, constant belching(which is embarassing), vag.itching-burning, muscle pain and burning in back and knee area, can't see most of time like I'm blacking out, tighness and numbness around right eyelid, blotchy skin on face.

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