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A long list of Questions from a Newbie (who recently discovered a candida overload)... please help!.... by jiggy ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/23/2003 11:32:53 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Just realized i have much candida, how bad does my case sound?

Hi, I'm new to this forum. 30 year old female:

Just realized i have much candida, how bad is this? and can you please give me feedback and advice on this plan of action.

I have the following fungus problems:
-Foot fungus (white spots on feet where it looks like it's eating away at the skin. Moderate.)
-Very mild toe fungus.
-Thrush in mouth: White tongue, little red dots on front of tongue, something going on underneath.
-Tooth Floss smells after flossing. I mean, really stinky.
-A stinky scalp, oily coating on scalp that i can scrape off. Gross.
-A dry patch of darker raised skin (something growing there). I believe this is fungus.
-Something going on in the Nether Regions.
-Distended belly (which i heard is a side effect, so possibly it comes from this).

So w/ all these it's likely i have Candida. Is that term all encompassing for an overgrowth of yeast or fungus in the body? HOw bad does my case sound. Curable? Defeatable?

Here may be part of my problem: I am a super stressed out person, suffer from Depression and eat about 100 grams of Sugar a day, not much bread or liquor, but plenty of coffee and other assorted crappy food.

Here's my plan of action, I would love some feedback on any of it.

To cut Sugar to about 15 grams a day (from 100) No liquor No bread No yeast No fruit 1 yogurt a day 1 multi, 1 garlic suppliment, GoldenSeal/Echinacea suppliment.

Teatree oil Mouthwash and floss. Teatree oil in bath once a week. Jason Collodial Sulfer (2%), Salycilic acid (2%) and teatree oil shampoo.

I get the feeling if i starve it for a while, 6 weeks? and use natural products like Grapefruit seed oil and teatree i can diminish it/weaken it. Then i'm thinking go in for some hard chemical drugs and hopefully regain proper balance.

Is this an okay plan? Can it work? Any order i should do things in? Any other very effective things i might add to this?

THanks for reading this very long post, and any and all advice/info is appreciated. Thank you so much.


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