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Re: How 'bout some success stories? by flowerchild59 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   10/9/2003 10:26:26 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I guess you can say I have more energy, I am not feeling the pain everyday that I felt in my liver area. (gb removed last Oct). I was told that after my gb was removed my pain and nausea, indigestion, chest pain, diarrhea......all of that would be gone afterward. My doctor lied to me. I felt listless, I had no energy. I napped every afternoon that I had a day off. I could not get motivated to do anything. I felt I had a baseball in my liver area and I felt pain in that region almost all waking hours. I researched natural remedies for this and found this site and started flushing in June. I had to begin flushing. I actually had a pain so bad I was on the verge of throwing up after lunch outside of a restuarant. I was sweating and felt like I could not hardly make it to my car. I flushed that evening even though I had eaten fat that day and hoped for at least a little relief. I wasn't sure the flush would even work since I did not follow Hulda to the letter, but I still got about 100 stones out, some as large as a dime, the next morning. I was elated. I was hooked on this process. It took 5 more flushes, done about every 2-4 weeks thru the summer, to actually feel better. I now have no pain or nausea, diarrhea is a rare occurence if I eat properly. I am taking flax, coconut oil and olive oil as my good oils everyday. I try to eat as raw as possible. I have done one paragone cleanse. I quit taking my lipitor in June and my cholesterol has come down to near normal levels with flushing. I drink more water. I quit diet sodas and other Aspartame products that were slowly poisoning my body. I am detoxing with foot pads and clay baths. I feel 100% better and my energy level is much improved. I feel like I am human again. It is a nice feeling to have your life back and to have the knowledge to help yourself become healthier.

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