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Re: Bowen Research? by daedalus ..... Lyme (Lime) Disease Forum

Date:   9/13/2005 1:10:21 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Yeah. So I'm a bit confused as well. To answer your other questions I'll have to wait till I have spoken to my Doc tomorrow.

As a side note: My "Primary" health care provider gave me an ESA test several weeks after symptoms closed in on me. By their standards I tested negative.

My symptoms have lasted a over a year, although they have progressively receeded with self diagnosis and care. They include(d): Unannounced nausea, unexplained loss of appetite, rapid loss of weight, very pronounced (but not rapid) heartbeat, unusual depression, overwhelming waves of anxiety at (particularly at early evening), insomnia, disturbed sleep (uncontrolled thought processes), bouts of frequent urination (10 or more times a night), 10 days of constipation followed by a year of IBS (defecate appears to be improperly digested, i.e. soft and pasty with more recognizable food particles.), bloating and foul gas, unusual joint pains (particularly the spine), rapid onset of gingivitis, spells of breath which smelles like acetone, unusual esophageal feeling best described as "coarseness", hardened or swollen (but not sore) lymph nodes, unusually red (but not sore) throat, unexplainable hoarseness, duodenal discomfort, unusual eye and salivary gland swelling(left side, TMJ symptoms (left side), an unusual "side splint" sensation at the ileocecal valve/appendix location, inability to handle even the taste of "normal" foods, lungs "overinflated" (not enough room in the chest cavity) followed by a feeling that I might soon produce phlegm (I never did) followed again by many months of an unusual gasp post exhalation (particulalry noticeable while lying on my right side), unexplained dizzyness, and random twitching of the fascia on my lower legs to name just a few.

I never noticed any "bullseye" rash, but have had many rather nasty bites while climbing.

My "standard" doctors tested me with all their standard tests including; Liver functions, Kidney functions, CBC, Diabetes, Helminths and protozoas, H Pylori, ECG/Heart functions, Hypercalcuria, chest xrays, CAT scan of sinuses/thorax/abdomen, etc.
They told me I was "fit as a horse" and that I had depression, GERD and Sudden Onset Adult Asthma. They prescribed Prozac, Protonics, and Zopanex.
What a joke.

To anyone else reading this post or involved in this Forum, it would be a good thing to post some of your results from testing you've done, so we all don't get scammed by our Doctors on this. Some results to post would be Doctors name(or at least their general geographic location), you reported Dilution?Titration level, and results of any co-infection tests.

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