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Re: I Can't Agree More by alisaun ..... Multiple Sclerosis Forum

Date:   12/12/2005 3:26:30 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I was in a similar boat...they thought I had MS. Many people with Lyme have the brain lesions show up on an MRI. The exact same lesions! Get tested!

One of the hugest bummers is that even if you get tested for Lyme, if you don't take the right test, chances are about 60% that you will appear to test completely negative.

Don't even bother with the ELISA. And the only reliable lab that I know of to get a Western Blot done is Igenex. Sadly, most doctors use the bad tests that show nothing and even the CDC says should *only* be used for tracking and not diagnosis. Also, yes, get tested for the common co-infections as well.

I was dignosed with Fibromyalgia, possible Lupus, possible RA...possible MS....

I believe that these are all the same disease just manifesting itself differently due to your genetic proclivity. How wild is that?!?!?!?

Think to yourself, what if MS is an infectious disease? How much better you could treat and heal then.

I forgot to mention that I finally got the right tests done and came up very positive for Lyme and Bartonella ("cat scratch fever"), a common co-infection.

It is worth it to get tested. You can save years of agony by doing so. Believe me, I am flabbergasted to think that MS, fibro, CFS, Lupus, and RA are all the same disease. But I believe they are.

Lyme and its co-infections can be spread by tick, mosquito, mite, sex, even in utero. It is an EPIDEMIC. And no one seems to know about it. it is the second fastest growing vector borne disease in the US, with a conservative estimate of 200,000 new cases a year where people think something esle is wrong with tem.



For more information you may want to go to i have found this site to be extremely helpful.

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