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side note by Wrenn ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   2/6/2004 1:21:34 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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first off i loved readign this whoel thrread.

2nd note.. rmemeber/ the oil and grapefruit drink is taken
and literallywithin gin minutes soemtimes youcan feel your tummy rumblign along//
now we all know thsot darn thign s were not jstu made in 20 minute s of time 8)

also tha t woudl nto explain the balc calcium ones htat are hard and sinka nd can't be crushed/ o tthe tan phorsphus ones ...

see ? i fit was jstuthe oo/gr juive
they woudl allb econsistenly green and all flaot.
this is part of why docs doen't belvie what w eappss are real btw...
when they do surgery on liver/gall stones the bile production stops/ the bile helps keep tehm soft to an extent..
so eh one s they reove are generall y hard... form less bile in teh liver at tiem of surgery.
any how that is my samll bit of undersadnign on allthat *smile*


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