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Re: What you wish you knew before your first flush ... by yemaya ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   1/28/2004 7:23:58 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Well..... I might be breaking all the rules...but here is what i do....

I make a ginger concentrate with 2 tblsp. of dried ginger chunks boiled in arbout 3 cups of water for 7 minutes or so. I let it sit in the pot with all the ginger... and then i take a shot:

after each epson salt drink
after the OO/GF drink
anytime during the night I feel queezy

This works sooooo well for me, making the flush nausia free!

As for going to sleep... well i pull out the couch bed thing and rent an awesome move. I do everything the same with the OO/GF juice drink...and I put a tincture of Valarian beside me.....

I am ususally really hyper after I drink the drink.... so I lay down on the bed and imagine all my energy going into cleaning out my liver/gallbladder..... and because Im a newage girl....well I say,like I mantra "I now allow myself to have a clean and fully functioning, healthy liver"..... So I just spend about 15 minutes breathing into my liver... and thinking good stuff....

Then I pick up the remote control... and watch my movie until I fall asleep...... I usually dont fall asleep.... so at 12:00 I end up taking Valarian to knock me out....

The next a.m.... have some aloe or natural cream for your bum... It can get raw..... Ummmmm drink lots of water.... get a colonic...... and enjoy the start of your way to a stone free liver....

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