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Re: A weird one by #42788 ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   5/19/2005 3:05:02 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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This dream was very interesting. As usual, I haven't had a chance to read the other post so here goes:

Seems like you have a lot on your plate and worry about being able to juggle a very busy life!

The first thing that struck me was the fact that everyone was rushing around wearing navy blue. While the color blue is usually a very soothing color, the uniformity associated with the color navy blue seems to indicate that this is not a very soothing or comforting situation at all. Coupled with the fact that the people are carrying gutted cows shows a stressful or (maybe?)a 'business as usual' environment.

You're an observer, than all of the sudden a participant, rushing and carrying these gutted cows in a very cold environment. This is in a way, much like our society (we get up, work, take care of our kids and repeat the process over and over again). It's a cold world sometimes.

The whole image of the cow is extremely fascinating to me. Cows provide us with nutrients and are symbolic of motherhood. The dairy industry actually keeps them in that state so that we can continue to drink milk, eat cheese and consume whatever it is we need. On a philosophical note, perhaps human beings take too much from those that are in the position giving in a maternal way.

Additionally, the fact that they are utterly gutted and half alive seems almost like a warning (to me). Your response to this is that you are disturbed by this whole situation. (Maybe you feel a little overtaxed???)

Now the next part...this is almost like you're moving into a comfort zone but not: Seeing a nice car with the innate knowledge that it's your family's's the wrong color and...there's a teenager (God help us! [Just kidding!])that you don't know (but maybe you know)--and.....NO ONE IS IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT. Or is there? You administer an order by speaking without actually speaking (a prayer) and everything is fine.

Just my take on it--thanks!


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