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Re: The Knower is ON Mi by lilpolock ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   5/1/2005 4:40:03 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Your post makes my head hurt. Can't you simply state what you mean?
Perhaps it isn't my place to be here, in a very confusing conversation between you two, but others have viewed this post as well, and since it seems that you are implying shared knowledge, I thought I'd share as well.

You start by trying to answer a question. A question concerning the 3 k's.
I must've missed something. I don't recall such a question. The 3 k's..
kkk, reminds me of klu klux klan. A reference is made to 3 k's in the house.
Is this a card game?

Do you SEE what I mean?
You confuse the issue. Why not elucidate?
illuminate. clarify.

Are you trying to say something like:
Now I AM you and you ARE me
(and books are shutter than books can be )

That comes from a poem by E.E.Cummings,except it says:
Now I LOVE you and you LOVE me.

I don't see any reference to LOVE at all,
just to knowing and a sharing of knowing.
So are we now sharing in the realm of mind?
Somehow I connect the term "proxy" to illusion. Is this correct?
Proxy is like a third person? We can only relate through Illusion?

Ok the only way I can relate is through my experience.
The only way you can relate is through your experience.
I'm not into yoga. Don't follow the diet, etc.
Where is our common ground?
What about emotions?
They are universal, AND a language we all understand.
(can't recall who said that)

Anyway feel like I'm getting a bit dizzy, or is it ditzy?
Connect with you later, hopefully not in this space.
Blessings, Marj


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