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What does this mean? by KDM ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   2/19/2005 3:41:52 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Greetings all,

I am new to this forum and really am not good at interpreting dreams but I would not mind learning ;-) I have had one that I found kind of a nuisance and another was told to me by a sibling and when she told me she was crying - which kinda freaked me out. Sooo, here goes ...

The first dream I had there was someone standing over me. His eyes were kind of blocked out (looked as though they were stabbed out) and mouth was all crossed over - like it was stitched. He was reaching towards me as I was lying on the bed. I was not scared of this and thought of it as some type of B movie production and thought - "Aww c'mon - give me a break. Why can't you go get a life". Then I woke up and turned on the lights in my apt.

I also would like to note some other things that I am really a little hesitant to say but I was wondering what is going on. I have lived in my flat for about 2 - 3 years. Basically - it was about 2 weeks ago. It seemed that a good number of my lights went out (almost simultaneously) making me replace them. One of them I have not replaced because I don't know how to do so.

I feel fine in my flat though and do not have any fear now - in fact, I feel as though I have gotten more spiritual "support" than anything else in my life.

The second dream I want to mention was told to me by my sibling and she was crying when she told me. She said that she was in some place and that had demons. I was there too. She could not get out but then somehow, she was able to get out. She said that she was beggin me to come and that I would not go. She said that there was a demon who was coming back (calling it a "she") and was begging me to come with her but I would not go. It was after that that she woke up (or so she told me). She then asked me when I would be coming home (I am living far away from home now) and said that she loved me.

I don't like these dreams and am comforted that people are saying that if anything awful in a dream is approaching or chasing you that means that you have an issue that you need to resolve within yourself.

Is that the case for me?

*Any* type of help, hints or advice is so graciously appreciated ;-))

Kindest Regards.

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