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inner child by MatrixV ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   12/31/2004 7:06:56 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hello fellow dreamers!

Happy New Year by the way!!

I just wanted to run a dream by you... and see if what i think could be right. (never sure...)

I dreamt the other night that me and another person (male, an old friend i think) were looking/hunting for a small child who seemed to be in some sort of danger/was lost. We eventually found him and i picked him up and cuddled and kissed him telling him everything was ok. He had large brown eyes and dark skin. The eyes were 'like the eyes of a happy 2 year old' (mayan blue monkey - my subconscious self and hidden helper...). I told the boy everything was going to be ok and that he was safe now. He asked me if the reason his mummy couldnt look after him anymore was because she didnt love him. I told him, no sweetie, the reason mummy cant look after you is because she doesnt understand how, not because she doesnt love you. I think i was to look after him - but that was the end of the dream.

Could this be my inner child? And a part of me is trying to say 'its ok'? If so, i'd better figure out to what!
What do u think is the significance of the mum not understanding how to look after him?
(been going thru a bit of a rollercoaster love thing with someone at the moment, he said he cant give me what i want... maybe this relates? me saying, its not because he doesnt love me, but because he doesnt know how to or what to do?? - i felt totally crushed and lost when he said that. maybe thats the little boy.



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