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Re: Flax oil is *not* a goitrogen. Soy is!! by Pecosbillie ..... Flax Seed Oil Forum

Date:   3/12/2004 3:32:53 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Soy, yuck! Soy is poison, period. Overall it causes way more harm to society as a whole than it helps. It's cheap, which means profitable, and it won't kill right away or directly, so even health food interests push it on us.

No doubt even poison ivy has elements that could be benefitial if injested, it's the rest of the plant that'll get ya. Soy isn't poison ivy I suppose, but close enough for me to avoid it when possible.

Contrary to widely held myth, it was not a historical staple in asian countries, and even the ancients recognized it's 'less than healthful' aspects. Only since the commies took over has soy been a widely used foodstuff in China. Before that, it was only used during famine or other food shortages, and even then they avoided giving much to children and worked very hard to "get off soy" as soon as they could correct whatever situation had caused the famine in the first place.

One thing I have not seen given a lot of coverage, is the fact even our own government is afraid of the soy lobby that perpetuates the myth it's a healthy food. Rember in the 70's and 80's when all the government WIC programs and such were pushing soy formula? That program was quietly swept under the carpet. Now, most REAL "experts" only recomend soy for infants with lactose intolerance, which wouldn't be an issue if women would just breast feed in the first place.

Ther is virtually NOTHING soy can do for a person that other foods can't do, and generally better to boot. In my mind, the perpetuation of the soy myth is one of the greatest socioeconomic travesties perpetuated against us since telling us that corporal punishment for unruly youths was a "bad thing".

But if a university wants to see research funding dry up, just do studies not favorable to soy. If a research scientist wants to ruin his career, just do a study that tells the truth about soy.

"Big soy" makes other Lobby groups like "Big Sugar" and the NRA look lke a small band of Boy Scouts by comparison. It's pure crap, in any form but biodiesel fuel, and maybe even not that. JMHO

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