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Body becomes even more sensitive by Hildegard ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   6/17/2005 4:46:42 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Dear Andreas,

it is now 7 weeks since my LF number 17.
There are strange observations I made. I would like t detail them to you and ask your advise.

1. As you know mercury was my problem. Each LF seems to shift around my heavy metal pool. I feel this by an enourmous weakness and inability to even lift up a sheet of paper. 200 to 300 mg DMSA solves this problem within two hours.

2. Despite cleansing my impression is that my liver and GB needs regular "provocation" by means of an extra amount of olive oil plus tumeric. My feeling is that my GB is simply "lazy" and needs a super booster in order to fully contract.

3. It seems to me that ginger, cayenne and some tumeric in my food are not only beneficial but essential in order to prevent irritations of my bowls after cold showers. Everything that "warms" the intestines seems to be necessary for me. I was really considering to add some rosemary oil to speed up and improve circulation in my digestive system.

4. Subject matter meat. I know your opinion on it. I admit in the past weeks I did eat meat on some occasions, mainly when eating in a restaurant. Before cleansing I never had problems with meat. Now I can bet my head that first of all my blood sugar will drop within less than an hour and one days later my gut will protest. This putrification you mentioned very often literally occurs inside me.

5. Gas stations. Andreas, believe me I am not hyper or hysteric. But the smell of gasoline and exhaust gas makes me feel nauseaus. This by the way was the same when I was a child.

Andreas, my concern is how to "survive" socially in a toxic environment. I live in Germany as you know. It is sometimes unbelievable what restaurants dare to offer you. The foods seems to be clean but in reality it is not. Even high prive level restaurants serve precooked industrial products. I feel somewhat "exotic" when I reluctantly start eating a restaurant meal.

Literally everything in my body has improved drastically, however my long standing intolerane against junk food or not super clean food has become even worse. I am joking when going out with people and tell them you are accompanied by a suckling and suckings need to be treated with care. This must be peculiar for others because obviously they do't have any idea of what I am talking about.

Do you have a socially compatible solution for my problem.

Thanks very much in advance for your precious insight.
Warm regards from abroad


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