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Dr. Clark's treatment for MS by Ducale ..... Multiple Sclerosis Forum

Date:   12/26/2003 3:40:39 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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John's Progress

by Susan Witzel

I first met John in April 2001 when he called me for massage appointment. He had heard the grapevine that I believed in alternative healing methods and decided to give me try. (I practice Shiatsu and Swedish massage)

When I saw John, he was sitting in his wheelchair with purple feet the size of footballs and covered with bedsores. His speech was almost incomprehensible, and he emitted an odor of death. He told me was on several medications, one was chemotherapy. I asked him why in the world he was taking chemo and if he had ever anyone with MS who had benefited from it. He shrugged the best he was able to. Although I was taking a legal chance, I knew I could not let John be an experiment by the medical profession any longer. I told him about Dr. Hulga Clark's work and my success with it and implored him to stop chemo immediately.

Although his parents were insistent he follow his doctors advice, John took a chance. I urged him to throw it all of his cleaning agents and personal care products, to use only vinegar, Everclear, club soda and baking soda to clean with. Then I started him on liver and kidney cleanses and several supplements from the Dr. Clark Research Association and Self Health Resource Center. Additionally, John purchased a Chi Machine to add circulation and aerobic exercise to his regimen and got a prescription for occupational therapy and braces for his hands. Today, John is virtually sore free and his feet are a healthy pink. He has been off of chemo since I began working with him and has stopped taking all of his other meds except a low dose of Baclofen which he has been taking orally. He is in the process of having his Baclofen pump to removed from his abdomen this September and has been moving his limbs and is gaining strength in his hands, arms, legs, heart and lungs. Though he is better off than he was only 2 1/2 years ago, despite a prognosis that would only worsen, the medical community seems to have no interest in his journey back to health. A threat perhaps? John is expecting to walk again in the near future and if he continues his hard work and positive attitude, I believe he will. Obviously we are strong advocates of Dr. Clark.

Fighting with MS -- an Interview with John Waters
by Sally Gould

Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis as a teenager, John Waters, now 35, has long been seeking other philosophies of healing. It is to the world of alternative medicine, specifically to Dr. Hulga Clark's philosophies of healing, that he has turned to for help in recovering from MS. Alternative medicine has largely existed in an uninhabitable and unprovable world.
That is, up until now.
Dr. Clark's philosophy of healing is predicated on the vitality of the immune system. The removal of any and all immune barriers revitalizes the white blood cells and enables the body's immune system to defend against the relentless assalt of parasites, pathogens and toxins. Fully embracing Dr. Clark's philosophies of healing, John has embarked upon Dr. Clark's electronic-based program: Cleanses, plate-zapping, and taking anti- parasite herbs. Soon, he will be almost magically homeogrphically imprinting frequencies to take drops to strengthen organs and to restore immune chemicals. All of John's work has culminated in exquisite evidence that he is beginning to heal that he is persuasively offering in his computer voice command generated interview is imaginative MS patients and researchers everywhere.

1.: John, can you briefly tell us something about your professional background?
I graduated with a Bachelor Of Science in finance/economics from Rutgers University. I worked at a financial institution for summer; then at an insurance company, a week after a I started to use a cane, I was given a notice of termination. Litigation to redress my wrongful termination failed. I then went to work as a financial analyst for a law firm, then as a personal financial assistant for an individual client. After that, I worked on writing projects, and eventually started my own firm called Fund Finder Associates, specializing in writing substance abuse grants. I did that for two years, until my disability became too much to handle. I'm now attempting work at becoming an independent distributor for what are considered to be multilevel marketing companies (MLM).

Multiple Sclerosis Background

Multiple sclerosis as a chronic debilitating disease of the brain and central nervous system for which there is no known cause nor cure. The average years of diagnosis is between 20-40 years of age, and 75 percent of those diagnosed are female. Basically, there are three classifications of MS: relapsing remaining is when there is an appearing of acute symptoms or when there is a sudden medical deterioration. Secondary progressive MS is classified by a slow, a gradual and consistent progression of the disease. Program progressive MS is characterized by a slower progressive and temporary "pauses" in the disease.

The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis can range from the onset of visual problems, such as blind spots, circulation problems, sensory perception and balance/vertigo problems, bladder and bowel problems, and even auditory problems. The disease's progression is unpredictable. While 5 percent of MS is severely affected, some patients are scarcely affected at all. But for most patients, there is a ticking time bomb inside of them because they do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Diagnosis and Treatment

3: How Old Where You When When You Are Diagnosed with MS?

In 1985, I was 17. I was diagnosed with MS by an MRI, spinal tap, evoked response, and a CAT scan.

4: how did the symptoms of MS manifests themselves?

Prior to my diagnosis, the prognosis was unknown. I could have remained the same for 20 years, or there was a chance that I could have rapidly and uncontrollably debilitated, immediately necessitating a wheelchair.

5: Through these years, what medicines have been prescribed, and how would you characterize their efficacy?

During my first hospitalization, when I was diagnosed with MS in 1985, I was given methylprednisolone intravenously. This treating only the symptoms, and lasted just three years. Subsequent hospitalizations in 1988 in 1993 for methylprednisolone IV treatments calling continued to quiet the symptoms. During my second to last hospitalization, I was given ACTH (adrenal corticothyroid hormone) to help make cortisone. By 1995, a new drug, Betaseron, was released. Betaseron was specifically designed for patients with relapsing remitting MS. The first time I took Betaseron, I woke up paralyzed. But I did continue to take this medication for two years. This drug did not help. I have been walking up to this point, but then it became necessary for me to rely on a wheelchair. By 1997, the drug Avonex, again specifically designed for relapsing remitting MS, was released and was prescribed for me. My surgery to have a implanted Baclofen Pump Was Done in November of 1999; Originally, the Objective of the Baclofen Pump Was to Dispense Baclofen, a Muscle Relaxant. I Remained on Avonex until about 1999, When Copaxone came on the market. I took Copaxone for two years, but did not help. Then it was recommended that I take a combination of both Avonex and Copaxone. I took both drugs for two years but again, it did not help. I row of options. I ran out of medications. I then tried Imuran, but it gave me serve blisters on my feet , so discontinued it. I remained medicine-free for about two years. In late 2000, I took Novatrone, which was a stress that was administered once every three months. Basically, Novatrone is a chemotherapy agent; this drug side effect is permanent heart damage. I took it for only six months. I also took Igg (immunogobulin) to help fight infections.


7: how long have you been confined to a wheelchair? What have been your greatest challenges?

I have been confined to a wheelchair for eight years. My greatest challenge the acceptance of the fact that I have lost almost ten years my life. I'm now 35. The majority of people my age had established careers, family, are financially secure and accomplishments. But I have had many accomplishments, too considering all of the adversity I have faced. I have written three screenplays, a short story and poetry. I am currently working on business endeavors. And now that I have been doing this program, with help Dr. Clark, I hope that I will have the opportunity to know multiple sclerosis patients in this country and throughout the world in their daily struggle against MS.
Dr. Clark's Program
8: how did you learn about Dr. Clark's program, and when did you did you embark upon it?

My massage therapist, Susan Witzel, is a member of the Dr. Clark Research Association. She introduced me to Dr. Clark and I started Dr. Clark's program in April of 2001. I like to thank Susan for introduced me to Dr. Clark's program and for all of her help and encouragement during these past two years.

The res toration of the immune system

Dr. Clark's basic philosophy of healing is the only by restoring the white blood cells' vitality with the immune system to be able to fend off parasites, pathogens, and toxins. The restoration of the immune system is dependent upon curing three major defects: removing 4 immunity blockers and azo dyes, avoiding food penolics and restoration of the body's immune chemicals.

9: a removing 4 immunity blockers and azo dyes, PCB's and dental metals.

A) the 4 immunity blockers, asbestos, benzene, PCB's, and metals (magnetic ones and Mercury and thallium) all in some fashion inhibit phagocytosis, the ability of the white blood cells to eat the enemy. Azo dyes, in a different way, inhibit lymphocytes of killing things, such as viruses. Since the immune blockers and azo dyes may be in foods, how are you handling food preparation? Using a food Zappicator to get rid of traces of the immune blockers? How are you avoiding PCBs in soaps? How are you handling personal items?

In the future, I would like to get a food Zappicator. I need only vegetables, chicken and Turkey. For fruits and vegetables, there is a great danger in pesticides. Therefore, all fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly. I do not eat grapes or strawberries. Whenever an apple or pear come into play, I always peel the skin. With regard to peaches, nectarines and plums, I do not eat the skin.

For soap, I use Dr. Clark's olive oil soap. With regard to all of your personal care items, throw them all out (shampoo, conditioner, skin lotions, colognes/perfumes, and etc.) instead of using skin lotion, I use pure olive oil mixed with frankincense oil. Instead of a deodorant, I use pure cornstarch. For shaving, I use aloe vera or shaving gel. I do not use "commercial" colognes of any type; cologne may contain up to 600 chemicals. For people with multiple sclerosis, our bodies are Ultra-sensitive to chemicals. Instead, I recommend using essential oils.

b) dental metals, Mercury and thallium, can be harmful, reach the spinal cord, and brain. Have you had your dental metal out? done EDTA chelation? used l-g (lysine-glutamic acid) powder? Used a tooth Zappicator? Any special recipes to get out Mercury?

The dental cleanup is very important to recover. I had all of the dental metals removed in 1986, long before I had ever about Dr. Clark and her emphasis on the removal of all metals from your mouth. I had four dental Amalgams removed ; in lieu of the metal, I had composite material placed in the teeth. In the future, I do intend to use l-g powder, and I would like to get a tooth zappicator.

c) natural food chemicals, called phenolics, when not detoxified by the liver due to the presence of parasites, become allergenic, bring up the part of the immune system called complement c-3. Complement c-3 is necessary for the white blood cells' killer action. are there any special food phenolics that you avoiding?

With MS, I'm especially worried about the brain. This is why I am taking Dr. Clark's Spice Syrup. The Spice Syrup, among other things, kills the parasites, Clonorchis and Strongyloids; in the presence of these parasites, the liver is unable to detoxify the food phenolics, phloridzin and chlorogenic acid, may be respectively attack the pituitary and hypothalamus glands.

d) the body uses its own natural immunity, in the form of immunity chemicals, such as benzoquinone (bq) and rhodozonic acid (rz) to kill our large parasites, our flukes, and our roundworms, including roundworms, including Ascaris of two kinds, Ascaris-producing chemicals quench bq and rz. How and how to restore him them? An electronic message, in the form of homeographic drops, is sent to an organ to make BQ and Rz. Are you making and making all-homeographic drops for specific organs?

I am currently in the process of obtaining all of my homeographic supplies. In the near future, I hope to be able to install immune chemicals , BQ and Rz in my brain and spinal cord.

11 Cleanses all help your immune system. Are you doing the kidney cleanse? Liver cleanse? liver herbs?

I do the kidney cleanse round-the-clock. I do the Liver Flush every six weeks. The parasite cleanse is done every other day.

12. Are you taking any special foods and/or supplements to help your immune system?

Every morning, I take taurine. I also take calcium and magnesium. I take oregano oil capsules, diluted with olive oil. Twice a day, I take frankincense oil under my tongue. Additionally, I take octocosanol (which helps to regenerate nerves), soy lecithin, l-carnitine (in the liquid form), cayenne (for circulation ) , horse chestnut (again for circulation) , and cod liver oil liver oil. At the night, I t ake one teaspoon of olive oil.

13. Special considerations for MS

Xylene and Toluene are founded in carbonated beverages. I don't drink soft drinks, bottled water or commercial orange juice. For fluids, I only drink natural fruit juice or natural sun tea.

b. Dr. Clark's sites Shigella bacteria is being toxic to be brain. Are you taking care to avoid Shigella contamination?

Shigella, which in dairy food is a stomach and the digestive tract bacteria. Dr. Clark writes, "Shigella goes to your nervous system. In all cases of Multiple Sclerosis I had ever seen has had rampant Shigella." Dr. Clark instructs us that it two teaspoon dose of Black-Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength kills Shigella and and takes the Black-Walnut hulls herbs and all the time when I zap.
The spices, tumeric and fennel will more gradually kill Shigella. Fennell is in Spice syrup.

Strategies to Eliminate Organisms: Zapping Strategies

Fasciolopsis buskii, Fasciola, Eurytrema pancriticum and EchiostIstoma revolution (resting on the neuromuscular joints and causing ALS). And only flourish in an MS patient if there are immune defects. But if the immune system can't kill an MS patient's parasites and pathogens? What then?

The zapper can kill bacteria, viruses and parasites. Classical zapping helps your whole body's immune system, while plate zapping focuses on the immune system's of individual organ. Dr. Clark states "... turning on an electoral (or magnetic?) Field of the correct variety gets Phagocytosis started. Regardless of which immune blocker is present, the white blood cells can be stimulated electrically to begin Phagocytosis.

What zapper are you using? Are you using any special options? Are you plate-zapping?

I am zapping about five hours a day. I have the super zapper deluxe with the program driver for Multiple Sclerosis

Yes, I am doing Plate Zapping.. I am using the slides for the kidneys, the bladder, the lungs, the composite brain (cerebellum, cerebrum, and medulla) and the hypothalamus. I am using I-C Sets , to Bestow Right or Left Sides, When Needed.

14. Do You Begin Each Zapping Session by Zapping the Basic set? (the basic set included blood, lymph fluid, white blood cells, A group arteries, veins, nerves, right and left sides, L-group -lymph v essels, right and left sides, and cerebrospinal fluid)

I am still in the process of learning how to plate zap. Although I do zap using the blood slide, I am waiting for bottle copies of the lymph, A and L. Groups, WBCs and cerebrospinal fluid which should arrive on Friday. Once I get my bottle copies, I will be able to more comprehensively plate zap.

15. Which organs are your organs in distress? How often are you strategically zapping them? Any other special zapping?

The Organs That Are in Distress Are Definitely the Bladder/Kidneys, the Lungs, the Brain and the Liver (Which I Need to Help with My Bodies Detoxification)

Strategic Zapping? Thus Far, I Haven't Done Any Special Zapping. But Am Going to Acquire a Spinal Ganglion and Nerve Slide with Myelinated Nerve Fibers; Zapping the Myelinated Nerve Fibers Should Really Help. Also, Using the Program Driver Should Make a Difference.

16. You Already Said That You Zap for about Five Hours a Day. How Often?

How Often? 7 Days a Week. After 18 Years of Deterioration to My Body, I Have A Lot Of Work to Do.

Protective Drops While Zapping

17. To Prevent detox-illness, protective homeographic drops should be taken. Protecting the training kidneys are of Paramount importance. Always starting with the kidney drops, the protective set also includes the hypothalamus gland, the pituitary gland, the pineal gland and the cerebral spinal fluid. Next, blood circulation drops activate the white blood cells , then the lymph set, followed by organs affected in MS. When you get your homeographic supplies, which organs do you plan to make drops for?

I was amazed to read in Dr. Clark's new HIV book about how long biography strengthens your organs. According to Dr. Clark's book, after taking homeographic drops supposed to assist your organs. Apparently, the sick organs are missing some of the frequencies, and the drops will supply them for time at least . The

Since Dr. Clark writes that taking homeographic drops activate the white blood cells as if they had been zapped. I apply to make the drops and zap at the same time to achieve a "double zap". I definitely the plan to make and take drops for the brain which, according to Dr. Clark, is symmetrical symmetrical for the right and left sides. I also need to look into drops for the spinal cord.

Anti- parasite Herbs while Zapping

The anti- parasite herbs, Black-Walnut hull, Wormwood and cloves also kill parasites. Black Walnut hull and Wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Cloves kill the eggs. If the anti-parasite herbs are taken while zapping, the released eggs will be immediately killed. Zapping Should Continue for At Least One Half-hour after Zapping. Are You Taking All Three Herbs While Zapping? How Many?

I Take All Three Herbs-- Two Pills Each--Every Other Day like Clockwork When I Zap. It Is Part of My Daily Ritual of Herbs, Vitamins, Zapping and Meditation.

Other Supplements

19. Any Post-Zapping Debris, Such As Killed Parasites, That Aren't cleared-away within Four Hours/Five Hours, Will Develop on This Growth. That Is Why Digestive Enzymes Must Be Taken to Digest the Debris Right Away. What Kind of Digestive Enzymes Do You Take? How Many?

After Zapping, I Take Two Pills of Dr. Clark's mixed Digestive Enzymes.

20. Dr. Clark Writes, "You Have Many Successfully Removed the Four phagocytosis inhibitors so that the WBC are filled with (to capacity) with viruses, bacteria, PCBs and refuse. But they will not be able to unload their cargo at the bladder until they have enough selenite and germanium." And vitamin C also helps the WBCs. Are you taking selenium? Germanium? In what forms? Vitamin C? At night, do you take ornithine?

I just started taking selenium. But I don't take geranium powder, although I do take germanium in the form of hydrangea root in the kidney cleanse. I do take vitamin C powder on a daily basis. At night, I also take a varying number of ornithine pills to get rid of the ammonia and help me sleep.

Special Recommendations for MS Patients

21. Dr. Clark has determined that certain herbs and non-herbal products go preferentially to certain organs. Are you taking any special herbs?

Although it tastes terrible, I like the effects of the Spice Syrup, white thyme kills Echinostoma revolutum in the cerebrum and spine. Coriander kills strongyloids in the hypothalamus. The fennel oil should help muscle tendon joints and my whole body. And the clove oil should keep killing all of the eggs that are released when I am killing parasites.

Results of Dr. Clark's Program

22. Subsequent to the embarking on Dr. Clark's program, has there been in amelioration of your symptoms?

My Baclofen pump, which is going to be removed shortly, has been dispensing pure saliine for the past year and a half. Due to the pump, I developed very severe bedsores all my feet and legs. My circulation will also affected in that there was no blood flow to my lower extremities. I was also forced to visit the hospital every week for over a year for the care of these wounds. The doctors that the time realized that there was no pulse in my feet. It was never mentioned, but I am sure that an amputation was on their mind. Now the bedsores are all healed, and the color my feet is normal, light pink.

As far as other improvements, my speech has improved dramatically. My breathing has also increased dramatically. And my tolerance for the heat has improved as well.

Overall, the strength in my body has improved, despite being in a wheelchair for eight years. There's been a reduction in spasms in both legs and arms. Both of my hands have gained strength and are much more "loose".

The most telling evidence of my improvement is the advent of pain. I feeling pain in my back, lakes and arms. The significance of this pain is that my muscles have begun to heal, and I am now able to feel pain. In fact, I am now feeling pain in the stomach area, in the proximity of the installation of the Baclofen pump. Fortunately, I am soon going to have the pump removed.

Another improvement is that the movement has returned to my left thumb. Upon starting Dr. Clark's program, I set a goal to move my legs by May 1st. I Moved My Legs by April 30th, 2003. This Is the First Time That I Was Able to Move My Legs in 7-8 Years.

23. What Has Been Your Neurologists Reaction to All of Your Improvements?

I Think That My Neurologist, Who Happens to Be One of the Leading MS researchers in the world is very pleased with my progress. When I recently went to visit him, he noticed immediately my improvements. He stated "You look wonderful. Did your speech get better?" Two nurses also said that I looked better.

24. What have been the results of your medical tests? Have you been able to reduce or complete eliminate your medications?

In January, 2002, my MRI report stated that "there's no active multiple sclerosis in his brain". Other medical tests include blood tests from August 2001 up to the present that I have a normal white cell count. Considering I have an autoimmune disease, the WBC is normal.

Are aware of my independent stance in regard to my medical care. I have been "medicine free" for two years. Specifically, this means I am not taking any of the five go-go medicines that purportedly slow down to progression of Multiple Sclerosis. These medicines also include four injectable medications and a chemotherapy agent. (My friend just complete in the two-year cycle of the chemotherapy agent, and it did not help her.) As pure disease stated, my Baclofen pump has been dispensing pure saline the past.
18 months. I do take oral Baclofen, which is primarily for muscle stiffness, but been able to lower my dosage. I was taking 30 milligrams three times a day. Now I am only taking 10 milligrams three times a day. And my strength is greater. The last medicine that take is oral Neurontin, which is also for muscle weakness/stiffness. I have been able to reduce this medication from 500 milligrams three times a day to 300 milligrams three times a day. I am taking magnesium from 100 milligrams to 300 milligrams per day; my muscles seem to be of soaring this magnesium for regeneration and I am feeling his sensations and pain my back and bladder.

In a few weeks, I am scheduled to have my Baclofen pump removed surgically. Since I have improved, I no longer feel that it is necessary to have such a device in my body. The pump resembles in shape a hockey puck; the dimensions are about 3-3 and one-half inches round metal object that is about 3/4 of an inch thick. I have long been worried about having this pump in my body, about the metal shedding of innumerable toxins and impeding my healing. Once the pump is removed, I'm going to work on getting rid of the residual metal. My expectation is that the removal of the pump of all of my detoxification aphids will help hasten my healing.

25. Have your improved symptoms comply with good test results giving you great hope for the future?

Do I have hope for the future? Considering that I should either be in a nursing home or either dead, I absolutely believe that my future is bright! My symptoms have dissipated, I'm getting good test results, and I am lowering or totally eliminating my medications.
I'm also able to work 45 hours a week, whereas the majority of my friends with Multiple Sclerosis are unable to function because a majority of my friends are either suffering and/or dying. Q

26. What other aspects of Dr. Clark's program do you plan implemented in the future?

I'll be religiously practicing Dr. Clark's program for the rest my life. It is obvious that my body is ultra- sensitive to chemical pollution; therefore, I have no choice. Then again, if I had not found Dr. Clark, I would never have had the chance to be able to attempt to recover from Multiple Sclerosis, and the odds of developing another neurological disease such as a Alzheimer's disease would still exist.

What other aspects of the program do intend to incorporate? I hope that sometime in the near future I can be Syncrometer tested. That way, I will know precisely which organisms and toxins to target. In the meantime, I want to work on making Homeographic drops for my organs-in distress. I also plan to take detoxing agents, such as l-g powder (lysine-glutamic), as soon as my pump is removed to help with the chelation of residual metal.

Dr. Clark's program is evolving and is a lifelong learning process. But I am confident that I will eventually adopt all of the other programs modalities.

27. What is the timetable for you to walk again?

I have no schedule, but I certainly want to be to walk as soon as possible. My hope is that I can walk by the end of the year, which may be a stretch.

Inspiration for Others with Multiple Sclerosis

28. What would you like to impart to MS patients?

The healing gifts that Dr. Clark has given to me are an honor and have provided me with an opportunity to begin the process of healing from MS. The opportunity is to recover-- an opportunity that I unreservedly have chosen--is promised upon each MS patient to make the huge commitment to lead a responsible, disciplined life of awareness of and respect for ones own body and for the sanctity of the environment. Without understanding a complete dedication to purging our bodies of pathogens and toxins, and helping to rid the pollution in our environment, we will not only that our efforts to recover from MS or any other disease, but we will put in jeopardy the health of future generations who will be living in a world blighted with poisons of pollution.

Dr. Clark expouses an awareness of and respect for our bodies and our environment in her books. To help MS patients heal from Multiple Sclerosis, I recommend that they first read Dr. Clark's book " The Cure For All Diseases ". After reading this diseases book, read it again. Then, read Dr. Clark's book "The Cure for HIV and AIDS". The HIV book will give you instructions on how to zap and plate zap, take anti- parasite herbs, and make and take homeographic drops. I would also like to advise you to join Dr. Clark's groups on the Internet so that you will be able to interact with other people who are doing the program.

But my most important advice to all MS patie nts is to never give up hope! Despite years of failed traditional medical treatments. kept searching for other methods to help me recover. Dr. Clark's program loomed of the fog; and breaking therapies can potentially e the action is an account that the all of us recover from MS. While traditional medicine beguiles us with the easy promise that pharmaceutical pills can heal us from a disease , the true that matter is that recovery from MS or any disease is difficult. It is a formidable challenge to purge pathogens and toxins from our bodies and our environment. But we can do it. Keep studying and reading Dr. Clark's books to learn how to do the cleanses, the plate zapping, and the homeography. Slowly but surely learned the program. It has taken me time, but little by little I learned the cleanses in different parts of the program. I started out by getting rid of toxic personal care items. That I started to do plain zapping and the kidney and liver cleanses. It hasn't been that long since I started to plate zap. In the media future I am learning something new everyday, and gaining more knowledge. Use me as an example: I am an improving MS patient who is enthusiastically and consciously persevering to Dr. Clark's program.

It is back to basics with Dr. Clark program. I'm going backwards to do the basics, but I am also going forward towards a brighter future!

Message to MS Researchers/Physicians

While the cause of MS eludes traditional medicine researchers/physicians, I am currently in the process of proving that MS is caused by a variety of factors: bacteria, parasites, chemicals and metals. I'm hoping that MS researchers/physicians will say the evidence that I've begun to heal as they search relentlessly for methods to help heal MS patients. Study my evidence of healing requires that must researchers be open-minded and courageous as they look beyond the sphere of traditional medicine to explore the world of alternative medicine. I ask only that the scientists be earnest and honest as they carefully examine all of the improvements that I have made doing this program and contemplate its potential. We MS patients are deserving of such principled, creative MS researchers/physicians.

29. Do you think that your evidence of healing will serve as an instrument of more change for visionary MS researchers to conduct an MS-Clark study?

I do hope that all of Dr. Clark's methods can be ultimately widely accepted as a safe and viable alternative for multiple sclerosis as well as other demyelinating/autoimmune diseases.

And do I think that using my recovery as an example to prove do to Clark's approach to conditions would be good thing?

Absolutely, I do wish that Dr. Clark and her revolutionary approaches were recognized by the medical community as a sensible, responsible and reflection of the dedication that she has shown over the years. But, the truth of the matter is that money rules medicine in the United States. There is no "money" in Dr. Clark's treatments. When Dr. Clark can accomplish more in a few years than pharmaceutical industry can accomplish in 20 years , it shows how ineffectual pharmaceutical industries are as well as the brilliance of Dr. Clark. The Multiple Sclerosis society in the United States is under the "control" of the pharmaceutical industry. If you read the monthly publications, the drug companies advertisements and sponsorships are grossly represented.

It would be wonderful if Dr. Clark's therapies were recognized for their efficacy, and would be an honor to be her "experiment" to prove that Multiple Sclerosis is preventable, avoidable and unquestionably reversible! I have been told several times by individuals/friends with Multiple Sclerosis that they will believe me when I walk. Well, if that's what it takes, then I will walk.

After eight years of not walking, that can be no retreat! As far as I am concerned, there is no question as to my treatment direction: Dr. Clark's program. Traditional medicine treatments did not meet my expectations while, in contrast, the results of doing Dr. Clark's program for the past thirty months have far exceeded my expectations.

For me, to be an absolute dream to head a study using Dr. Clark's therapies for Multiple Sclerosis. Again, our society has been so brainwashed by the medical community and the media that acceptance would be difficult. But with this opportunity, I now have to do this program, I'm simply planning to lead by example.

I plan to lead by example by proving to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from MS that there is hope that they, too, will begin to heal from the healing involves more than taking a pill. Indeed, sadly, and the MS drugs that are available have no efficacy, are harmful to the liver and cost $12,000 a year. The MS patient must realize that in order to achieve optimum health, a little work is necessary, particularly in a world that is unindated with chemicals and pollution.

I always knew that I would have a huge impact in the world of Multiple Sclerosis in helping patients. I will say that what I'm doing in the manner in which I'm recovering from what has been considered an incurable disease. Due to my bodies deterioration of the past 10 years or so, I am being forced to work "backwards" to reverse the damage. As I said, it will not be easy , but I have no choice. All of my work will serve as an example for others. I'll persevere in the role I've chosen to assume.

In the novel "The Old Man and the Sea ", Earnest Hemingway memorably writes "A man can be beaten down, but never defeated". After 18 years plus a dealing with doctors, medicines and hospitals and all of the negativity surrounding my prognosis, and especially after nearly two decades of demyelination, one must realize that as long as the body and mind are strong, anything can be done! Do not believe the naysayers: if you want to live your life to the fullest, never, never give up, and always remember my example.

30. Finally, you said that it would be a dream to head an MS-Clark Study. If you were to head the Study, how would you design it?

"I call people rich who meet the requirements of their imagination."

If I were to head up a MS-Clark Study, I would hope that my evidence of healing would persuade MS researchers, with moral and scientific daring, to join the study. I would design and international to encourage MS patients who has to the courage and tenacity to an alternative treatment. A multiple sclerosis study using Dr. Clark's therapies would be absolutely groundbreaking. I do know many individuals suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and refuse to accept anything except what the doctors prescribe. And previously stated, unfortunately, there aren't any effective medications available today. The only medications that are available today simply "slow" the progression of the disease.

Dr. Clark has given us clues as to what may cause MS. The solvents xylene and toluene, seek the brain. Shigella is the brain seeking bacteria. The metals, Mercury and thallium, are neuro-toxic. There are food phenolics, phloridzin and chlorogenic acids and respectively attracted to and attack the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. The immune-compromised brain provides a safe haven for the large parasites.

The MS-Clark study will test Dr. Clark's MS clues in the brain and spinal cords of Multiple Sclerosis patients. Through the years, various alternative medicine practitioners have advocated that MS patients remove the harmful Mercury in dental metals. While this is a good recommendation, hasn't been any comprehensive study on the causation of MS. Using Syncrometer testing, through resonance, we will test for the universality of parasites, pathogens and toxins in MS patients. Research questions are endless: is a any one parasite found in 100 percent of all MS patients? In what part of the brain? What brain parts are most heavily parasitized? Is there build up of food phenolics? Which ones? Where? All this research information must be carefully compiled and disseminated to MS patients and researchers worldwide.

Not only has not only has Dr. Clark given us clues as to what causes MS, she has given us to tools to remove them. She has taught how to remove our immunity blockers and azo dyes. Using electricity, we can zap and plate zap the brain, spinal cord and other organs in distress. Using herbs, we can kill parasites. Using the new Science of homeography, we can make and take drops to strengthen parts of the brain, spinal cord and organs in distress and install immune chemicals in those locations. We can you can starve the large parasite, Fasciolopsis Buski. We will use all of these tools of healing and sharpen them until they glitter with precision. I am rich with imagination that our MS-Clark study can heal MS patients. It can happen!

*John W. has started a Dr. Clark MS group on the Internet: DrClarkMSrelief on Yahoo!


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