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Some much needed advice, please. by The23rdman ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   2/20/2004 5:54:50 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi Andreas,

Itís been a good while since we spoke, I hope life is good for you and youíve settled in well in your new home.

When we last spoke Iíd just taken Colosan to try and improve my bowel movements. This caused me huge problems in that it didnít really get through properly and backed up making eating very difficult. You suggested in was a spastic colon and I get colonics.

Well, Iím now in a real quandary and could do with some questions answered and some advice. Prior to the colosan Iíd done a couple of Clarke flushes, which had limited success. The first yielded 30 odd small stones and the second about the same. Unfortunately the second left me unable to handle much in the way of fats and protein ( I was eating basically a paleo diet) so, taking Lapisís advice, I tried the body ecology diet. Trouble was I was scared of eating grains and protein because of candida Ė I basically became scared of all foods except veg and survived on tiny amounts of protein and carbs and veggy soup, hence I went from 132lb down to the 114lb that I am now (Iím 5í 9Ē) and my skin became very dry and lost itís elasticity. I saw a homoeopath who gave me a dose of Lycopodium x1m, which helped for a month or so, but I was so paranoid about my weight I binged on corn chips and carbs until I woke up feeling ill one morning and back to very dodgy digestion. Iím now in a vicious circle where Iím eating small protein and lots of veg meals twice a day and another with grains or just veg because Iím paranoid Iím eating too much protein (liver congestion), yet too many carbs cause me real brain fog, mucus in my stools and constipation. Also eating grains brings on hypoglycaemic symptoms, which means I tend to avoid them.

My weight is now stable but since eating more carbs and now more protein again I have a load of nasty symptoms. You ready? Here goes! I have cramping under my left rib cage after eating, if I drink any time before an hour after eating I have woozy spells where it feels like the water isnít going down and my balance goes wobbly (My balance when Iím sitting is always doing this and this is horrible). I still have tendency to have constipation and I often feel very toxic when my bowels move (also left side cramping again) and this upsets my balance again. I have terrible frontal lobe headaches, eye aches and a weird feeling of being sucked out or drained from my eyes, head and bowels, especially after a bowel movement. I often feel all swollen and inflamed inside from my head to my guts. My circulation is terrible and my feet and right leg goes to sleep whenever I lie down to meditate. I basically just exist with no energy to talk much or do anything without feeling woozy, toxic and terrible. Oh, Iíve got hemorroids to some extent too.

Iím only able to do about 5 mins gentle activity before the blood pumps so hard in my head it feels like Iím going to burst, my guts turn over and my balance goes completely, hence Iím virtually housebound. It feels very tight in my upper abdomen and I find it difficult to breath. It feels like food isnít getting around properly??

What do I want from you? Well, Iím in a catch-22 where I feel I need colonics and flushing but Iím scared that Iím not strong enough to take it and it will compromise my digestion further, and I donít have any spare weight to play with (I get blown over in a light breeze!), yet I still feel itís not gonna get better without doing these things. Iíve seen a few people now and Iím presently waiting on a meeting with a nutritionist, who cured himself of PVFS like Iíve had, to hear what he has to say. Iím also seeing a naturopath/osteopath (A really lovely guy who looks like the country singer Kenny Rogers!) and thatís going well, but I donít feel like Iíve been able to find anyone who fully understands the process of flushing to support me through it. Kenís ok with me flushing and says my guts and stomach feel healthy to him, that is thereís no major blockage he can feel and heís been able to get in further with each treatment, but Iím not confident. Want Iím looking for from you is some explanation for the symptoms that I have (in particular the toxic feelings and the balance and throbbing head issues) so I can stop worrying that I have something awful and organic wrong (tests revealed nothing) and some kind of assurance of the followingÖ

Do you think Iíll be too weak to have colonics (and with the hemorroids?) and flush? Iím concerned the toxic shock will compromise my digestion further.

Do you think it would be best to try and put some weight on first? Although, Iím not sure I can handle much more food.

Ho hum, itís a funny old trip, isnít it?

Oh, Iím a pitta-vata type and Iíve had kinesiology to ascertain what I can and cannot eat, although this has only been partially successful.

As the type to be very analytical and always trying to work it out, this circle is doing my brain-box in, and no mistake.

Thank you for reading this epic post, my friend.



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