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Re: Juice fasting short-term during/after Paragone? by Mrs. ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   4/29/2006 6:17:03 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I am on day 13 of the Paragone and have been very careful with the diet (new experience!) I called the company to ask if it is okay to eat fruit during the 5 day between the 15 day cycles. They said not a good idea, I even asked about pineapple since when fresh it helps to eliminate parasites (I read). They said to stay as close to the suggested diet as possible. I don't want to create any new Gallstones so I'm not doing a juice fast. I try to have some good fats everyday and lots of fiber and water. Right now I am doing a few enemas (just water, later will do the coffee enemas). I plan to do the gentle Renew First Cleanse after the Paragone and then I will do the Liver Flush (currently considering Dr. Foster's Essentials Liver Flush program). I want to go slow and careful since I'm not hurting at all now and have lost the bloated feeling plus 7 pounds (hooray). I have been perusing all kinds of info. concerning parasites and gallbladder/liver flushes. My notebook is an inch thick of curezone and other website nutrition sites that I've organized into helpful reference material to help me remember what I have learned. My goodness, is this ever complex. I'm sure after a few months, years, decades? it won't feel so overwhelming. In fact it will probably be second nature to us and we will know just what works the best for our bodies. And won't we feel so good and healthy without the parasites and the gallstones.


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