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Re: Allergies in infants? by newmother ..... Allergies & Intolerance Forum

Date:   7/1/2006 11:57:03 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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My son had a problem with exzema and I cut milk out of my diet and it cleared up. I think I was just drinking too much and he was getting it through my milk. He is now 7 1/2 months old. My son aslo rubs his eyes but it seems as though he only does this when he is tired. Actually babies are healthier if your house is not emaculate. They need to be exposed to germs to build their immune systems. They actually found that babies who were raised in a sterile environment got sick more often. I do mop my tile floors twice per week and my house is not a mess but its not sterile either. The main thing I try to do is keep all small objects out of reach and keep it looking tidy. Just mainly organized. I use vinegar to clean my mirros and toilets and I've never used bleach for anything not even clothing. I use dreft for laundry. As for the watery diapers that is a good thing. If they are watery movements that are yellowish green or seeded that means he has healthy BMs for a breast fed baby. Since your nursing just try to eat a variety of diffrent foods and juiceing. Try cutting down on the milk for a month and see if that helps. I started feeding my son solid foods at 7 months and he keeps getting diaper rash from it so I had to cut back on the solids. He now has solids about 3 times per week and only a few tiny bites. With some babies we have to introduce them to solids very slowly because they are more senestive than others. I hope this helps. :)

Sarah :)

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