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Parasite cleanse by Lynda Padgett ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/30/2005 8:37:26 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I have been fasting for about 7 months,on and off again staying within a vegan frame of mind, back and forth with Master cleanse for 10day periods and liquids for a few days and eating raw foods when I do eat. I am working on the parasite cleanse now and came across this sight. I am reassured when ever I read everyones questions, that there are a lot of people like me tired of being sick in todays society and have been searching for the answers to why and how just like me. I am glad that we can share these experiences on a sight such as this. I am on a regiment of parasite killing herbs from a company called Nature's Medicine Lab. And following the directions for the product as well as increasing the internal sweep to 3 times a day and I am drinking half my body weight in water in addition to the fiber drinks. I am also drinking 2 glasses of laxative tea a day because I don't seem to eliminate without it. I went 3 days with 1 movement when i stopped drinking the tea after the master cleanse. I have a history of this behavior. I have started including digestive enzymes into my routine hoping that will fix that problem. I am on day 16 of my cleanse and still haven't seen any parasites, I have seen things that I ate a week ago, leading me to believe that I am still quit stopped up, the only thing that I haven't done is an enema or colonic. I would love to have a colonic but it's not in the cards right now for me. So can any one please give me a quick way to empty my colon that will allow the products I am using to work better. I know they are trying, I have had several boughts of vomitting because of the toxins and herbs racing through my system. My urination is long and slow as well. I would usually fix this with cranberry juice but I can't have any sugars on this cleanse. My body is appreciating all I am doing for it, I have lost 40 pounds and no longer take any medications(for body or mind). It still needs my help to heal. I will appreciate all input into my exsperience. Thank you


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