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Re: Keep cleansing.... by secondwind ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   6/3/2006 12:37:44 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I must say I hesitate to step into a cleanse again too soon for a few reasons. My first concern is that I don't want to become dependent on laxatives of stool softening-type products. This first cleanse seemed to give me MORE constipation on rebound rather than helping me conquer it.
Second, I had so many horrible effects from the cleanse. I had a visual migraine aura for an entire week, without a true headache (first migraine in about 5 years). I had severe hormone surges, or adrenaline rushes, that would come out of nowhere and almost knock me flat. I had nausea every morning for about 2 weeks, and an increase in gallbladder-type pain. I had every strange symptom I have had in my life, but all in the span of the last 3 weeks. And even now, I haven't yet been able to add many fods back into my diet. I can eat some fruits, steamed veggies, spinach salad, some nuts, fish, a little chicken, and legumes. If I eat anything else, I have horrible stomach discomfort. Corns is out entirely, Dairy is out entirely. Soy is out entirely, apples, pears, and melons are out, as are cucumbers, sesame seeds, and pine nuts. Mind you, I did not seem to have any trouble with these foods before. I have been gluten-free for 2 years now, so that didnt change. (When I went gluten-free, I swung from having constant diarrhea and severe cramps to relative GI peace, but a tendency towards constipation. And now, since the cleanse, my gut seems to have bailed on me all together.)

I did a 20 day diet-change cleanse, supposedly gentle to the system, that had no true or juice fast portion to it. I took Mag citrate and a few coffee enemas as recommended But when I started to add foods back in, my body said "no way" to almost everything not on the cleanse list.
I am currently eating a lot of vegetable/legume type soup! And my gut still isn't kicking into gear.
I sound like I am whining... and I guess I am. I didnt expect to be spun around and stopped cold by this cleanse. I am constantly fatigued now, and just don't feel right. I have had a bunch of labs done, and nothing is officially out of whack.
I am taking glutamine (very small amount) and acidophilus, as well as peppermint oil, and occasionally, some aloe vera juice.
I will look into the chorella... thanks for the suggestion. And I do have a naturopath that I trust. But she is stymied about what else to do in the constipation department as well.
thanks again for the suggestions. I think I'll wade through this a bit more before taking the plunge into another cleanse. I just don't physically feel up for round 2 yet, if it turns out to be as affective as the first. I feel like I truly depleted myself, having lost 20 lbs since February with diet and exercise change, and then taken on this cleanse.
I do have colosan, and have been taking 2 per night for the few days, with lemon juice and water, as a stool softener. Perhaps I'll try a cleanse with that if I get brave enough sometime soon.

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