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3rd day on P&B shakes. I have some questions!! by Supermanc19 ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   6/30/2005 2:12:46 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi everyone!

This is a bit strange to discuss so I'm going to go ahead and dive right into the graphic descriptions of my fecal matter. I have a 'sensitive stomach' and would often get a really bad urge to go all of a sudden, especially right after eating. Not only that, but it would almost always be loose and watery. It got to the point where if I would have a day of solid BM's, it would make my day.

I was wondering what is having
chronic loose stool a symptom of? Do I
lack probiotics? Could it be mucoid
plaque buildup? Parasites?

So after discovering this great site a few days ago, I've started doing P&B shakes. I'm using Sonne's #7 Bentonite clay (20 bucks?!?!), and Health Plus Colon Cleanse #1 (rasperry flavor) pysllium. It tastes great, but I kinda wish I would've gotten the regular stuff.

So I'm on my 3rd day and am seeing some results. My turds are extremely long now (like about a foot each), but they are just regular old turds. Light brown and round. BUT they are very thin. I remember reading somewhere that this could mean my intestines are so compacted that I only have that half inch sized tube left in my colon. Is this always true or do I have a naturally skinny colon? I'm tall and thin, if that helps.

What are the implications of having
really skinny turds?

I really do feel ridiculous posting this kind of information up here, but I really want to fix this problem I've always had! Overall I feel really good on these P&B shakes. I'm far from constipated - like I said I'm having more normal BM's than I have for a long time.

Is this going to be enough to get the
plaque out of me?

Thanks so much for any replies and advice on getting the MP out faster!


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