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to sugaholic Re: Hi I'm new and have just started parasite and bowel cleanse and think i spotted a parasite & other things? by #35014 ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   11/27/2004 2:09:13 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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It's so great to 'meet' someone who's going through a similar experience. This can all be pretty lonely!
I would say it's definitely worth doing a CDSA. This along with the Immunobloodprint test for allergies are really good starting points. Maybe also the hair analysis test too.. don't know, I'm waiting for the results.
I too tried an allergist recently, but was very disappointed with him. He told me nothing I didn't know already and told me to keep a food diary (which isn't altogether bad advice but I felt wouldn't really help me get any closer to the root cause).

I know exactly what you mean about taking the supplement instead of a meal .. i do the same thing sometimes because i just can't be bothered to think about what to make and then to cook it! Last night I just had a drink and hardly ate. I try not to do that too often because I think it's probably important to eat as regularly and healthily as possible (As well as the drinks) to support the immune system in beating all this. It's tough though isn't it.

Sugar and carbs (carbs are converted to Sugar in the body) 'feed' (a horrible thought I know) parasites, bacteria, so that they release toxins in the body which make you feel bad--this is what i think i've understood so far anyway! Definitely avoid sugary foods including fruit juices, some fruit is ok.. but things with cane Sugar or honey or jam.. i've been avoiding completely since i made the connection.. and it's helped.
When I eat sugary foods and carbs, my scalp itches too and my face feels 'crawly' like i need to wash it.. hard to explain the feeling!!

I plan to do a bowel cleanse, then a parasite cleanse with zapping (I can't believe I'm considering 'zapping' !!, but I've realised that doctors just don't know everything and are often wrong, so I've become a lot more open minded, i guess though through lack of choices as much as anything else! I guess it sounds like it's the same for you). Which zapper are you getting? I think the Terminator 2 sounds most popular with people. But then I'm also wondering about the one at dr clark's online store,
For the cleanses, I'm a bit worried about taking all these different herbs because of course there's the chance i may be allergic to some of them. I know for instance, that turmeric may be a problem so I guess i may leave that one out of the mix. I won't be able to take the tincture (unless I find a way of getting it without alcohol--I'm allergic to grains). Do you know anything about that? Someone vaguely mentioned something about adding water and heating it to get rid of the alcohol.. not sure though?? Otherwise, i guess it's the capsules. I'm thinking also of trying colonic hydrotherapy. Have you tried this?

I've ordered a allergy free recipe book by Nicolette Dumke. Do you have any good recipe books?

Wow, I'll shut up now..! Do let me know how you get on. Would be great to keep in touch!



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