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Re: Need to smell sweet by helenadams ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   10/11/2004 7:51:56 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hi Lucy,
You have had several replies and may already have decided where you're going with this. But I'll happily give you my experience on the topic.

I confess that I am a bit of a novice. But anyway. I did the Blessed Herb Bowel Cleanse (from a kit) a couple of months ago, and found it pretty straightforward. Part of the reason I chose it is that it did NOT recommend enemas/colonics, which I didn't really want to have to do because I wanted to keep disruption to a minimum, and wanted to go to work during the process. I didn't see why enemas/colonics would help that much anyway, if the MP is mostly in the small intestine. I started expelling MP on day 2 of the fast phase, and expelled quite a bit during the 5-day fast phase. I didn't feel hungry as the apple juice provides some nutrients and I felt full because of the presence in my stomach of the psyllium/clay/juice mixture.

Your questions:

"I can't imagine passing something that size or shape from me." I had no problem. It's lubrictaed to the point of being slippery. I wouldn't even call it uncomfortable. Don't worry about this!

"Does passing that stuff hurt, does a Bowel Cleanse hurt." The only discomfort I felt was the occasional tiny pinprick-like mild pain, very brief, in various points in the abdominal area, which I guessed was the result of MP being tugged from the intestinal wall. But it was vey very minor.

"I have a very very busy life with 2 little ones, will it effect my daily routine in any way?"
It was minimally disruptive. As I said, I went to work while doing it. It involved mixing up and drinking the clay/psyllium at work at 10am, 1pm and 4pm. 1 oclock is lunchtime. For the other 2 times it only took a few minutes to prepare and drink, and I did this at my desk. No problem.

All in all, it was easy and effective. I did it for similar reason to you - not enough energy in the evening. And it does seem to have made a useful difference.

I hope that helps,




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