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Pregnant w/gallstones and in agony! Please help by Tabby ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/9/2003 6:33:30 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I was diagnosed with Gallstones a year ago, but they really never gave me much trouble other than an occaisional attack. But now that I am three months pregnant, it seems my gallbladder has turned angry on me!
After a week of eating bad fatty greasy foods, my gallbladder went into a fit and began those spastic pains in my ribs along with the gassy cramps/constipation/ or diarrhea. The pains range from dull achey spasms to sharp ones. They have been going on and off persistantly for a week solid.
I gave up and ran to the ER in tears last weekend. They ran every blood test to check my liver enzymes.. pancreas.. infection.. inflmmation and they said everything looked normal and fine. They even did a full exam on me to make sure the pregnancy is fine. They sent me home with nothing. Just told me to go on a low fat diet.
I felt relieved knowing that my gallbladder isnt inflammed or infected.. but im going on day 7 of these pains. Been on strict low fat diet for 4 days. No noticable change yet. Maybe it just takes days for the gb to calm down.
Im about to really lose my mind. Im ranging from being in tears, to trying to toughen up and just get through this.
Iam at my wits end. Iam too afraid to try a Liver Flush while pregnant, especially being I suffer horrendous morning sickness.
So, if any of you here have some advice for me on how to relieve this pain please, please anything! I have tried warm baths, and compresses but its doing nothing.
Thank you!


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