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Questions on Oxygen/Ozone by Exile ..... Oxygen Therapies Support Forum

Date:   11/17/2005 6:26:37 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Thanks for answering my previous post. I've read a lot of the most recent posts on this forum. Could you answer the following questions for me please, I'm sure that they've been dealt with before but I don't have time to go through all the messages on the forum.

1) Does the ozonation/ozoning of water just produce weak hydrogen peroxide by bonding another O molecule to the H2O?
2) Can you ozone normal tap water or does it have to be distilled water? Is there any difference in effect or time it needs to be ozoned for?
3) What is the best way (most effective) of increasing the level of oxygen you get, ozoning water, breathing in ozone or hydrogen peroxide?
4) Do all non medical ozone producers also produce NOX (I gather this is Nitrogen Oxide rather than Nitrous Oxide - I wouldn't mind breathing in/drining the latter not sure about the formar though)? How much is produced - does this vary between manufacturers or will all produce a certain proportion?
5) On posts/adverts for ozoning water I've seen reference to stones to go in the water? what are these & what do theydo?
6) What type of plastic tube is ok to use to direct ozone from a generator into water?
7) For manufacturers does anyone know of Hailea - they make ozone generators for aquariums, will this work as well as any other non-medical one (same question for ozone generators for use in hydroponics). Details are:
MODEL: HL0-800
VOLTAGE: 110/220V
PRESSURE: >0.01Mpa
OUTPUT: 3.5L/min
O3 CAPACITY: 100mg/h

WEIGHT: 0.9kg
SIZE((mm): 186◊137◊63

8) I read on one site that O3 - Ozone takes around 20 seconds to break down in water - is this acurate & if so do the Oxygen molecules left over remain stable & remain in the water.
9) How long can you leave ozoned water for - can you make up a big batch & keep it for a while?
10) Is an output of 110mg/hour ok for a non-medical unit. If there are 2 outputs noted at 100mg/hour is this equivalent to 200mg/hour (silly question I know but Imight be missing something obvious). The generator in question is

Sorry for the large number of questions, but you people seem to know a lot about this.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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