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re: What did you have? by spock2001us ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   2/14/2003 2:33:57 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Thanks Tracey....I was never diagnosed with anything other than that old catch all..."Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome".....and that was only by one doctor...the rest of them all said it was anything from Depression to sinuses, to TMJ.

My symptoms were always the same...and I'm talking about symptoms that started when I was a only a child....and I am 39 now.

I had Mono as a teenager and that was when things really started to go downhill from there...I was in the hospital for a week with Mono and the concern with Mono is the Liver...I don't know why but I think I will look that up. My whole body was one big mucous plug at that time. For the next 20 years I had mucous plugs that would come out of the pores of my nose.

After that I always had a mucous problem. I was always swallowing snot...and it made bm's very messy and left me with an itchy anus.

When I say things went was not like I could not function or walk or do things...I felt I was just getting weaker a little at a by day, week by week, and year by year.

As long as I can remember....I could not get enough sleep...I could sleep 10 hours and wake up feeling like a truck had run me over. If by chance I got little sleep, I would develop a fever and feel totally run down. This began to crush me in my work and marriage. I had no energy to do wife began to complain that I was bosses fired me and I went from job to job. I'm not stupid..I have a BBA in Economics...I was just chronically run down.

About 8 years ago or so...I began to get daily headaches..always at in the afternoon and by 8pm or so...I was wiped out...all I wanted to do was lay around and do nothing.

At that time I also noticed and was told that my breath was very offensive, my white t-shirts began to brown from the sweat. My eyes go progressively worse, I had terrible aches and pains all over my body...each and every day.

I went to the doctor and she told me I was suffering from Depression and put me on Prozac....the headaches continued....three years later they said it was sinusitis and xrayed my sinuses with nothing found.....then I was told it was TMJ and that was giving me the headaches. So I was told to take 800 mg of Moltren 4 times a day to reduce the swelling in my facial muscles.......after about a year of that...I stopped it as the headaches and bodyaches continued.

I then went to a doctor who told me I had Fibromyalgia and began weekly massages...the doctor told me I had to find out how toxins were getting into my body.

So...after 8 years or so of chasing doctors.... A year ago I bought a colon and liver cleanse kit from the health store....and never did it...I left it in the box.

It was also a year ago that my now ex wife left and moved in with another man..leaving me with my two kids age 11 and 14....she would complain that I did not help around the house, did not show her enough attention, and she complained to me about the LINES THAT WERE FORMING BETWEEN MY EYEBROWS BECAUSE IT LOOKED LIKE I WAS MAD ALL THE TIME. a year kids and I are moving to an apartment as I can no longer afford the house on my own..and I am packing things up when I stumble across this cleansing kit again. The dates are soon to expire on the kit, so I open it and start the colon and Liver Cleansing program. After I pass what I suspect were bile balls....I started to research and found this site. Things have been looking up ever I hope that the root of my problems began in my liver 25 years ago.

It should also be noted that I began to take Claritin D about 2 months ago as well. This has stopped all mucous flow from my sinuses which I hope has helped to clean out my system.

Thats about by day now....oh, and my skin feels very soft now. The mucous plugs from my nose have disappeared as well.

So...maybe now you can see why I am so excited.


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