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Re: Keep the faith by Tracy McGreggor ..... Dr. Schulze Forum # 1 [Archive]

Date:   8/22/2002 4:53:37 PM ( 21 years ago ago)
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Hi Terry:

Thank you for the kind words, you are so thoughtful. Anyone that is suffering like you are, needs to hear friendly words of encouragement, not anger. Or worst of all, silence. I know how that feels. I seem to have acquaintances that have no interest in natural healing. They turn their back on me and stop talking to me. It used to make me feel very sad. But I have tried to not let it bother me. And Iíve succeeded to a certain extent. But it still bothers me some.

For you to have that kind of negative attitude coming from family members, that really hurts, I know. And I know what you mean about acting cheerful and no one believing that you are hurting. I am so sorry that the people around you have that attitude. Believe me, there are people out there that are kind, and generous, and really want to help other people. There really are. But it seems that they are so hard to find. I want so badly to have a support team around me. People that will help me, and support me, and love me as a person. Not because they are paid to, or because they feel a family obligation, or for any other reason like that. I want people to support me because they are kind and gentle people, and want to help me. I havenít found them locally, at least not yet. But I keep looking. I have found so many kind and loving people here on the Curezone forum. But they are scattered all over the world. I know that you feel all alone where you are. But keep up the courage, you will eventually find kind people that will support you. I truly believe you will.

Iím happy that you have a juicer. Isnít juicing wonderful? As for the kind of veggieís to juice, what you are doing now is fine. Carrot and wheat grass are both very good. I used to love pork ribs. It seemed that I would go to a BBQ restaurant and eat a gazillion ribs. I loved it. But I finely realized that that stuff was killing me. So I stopped eating meat of any kind. I have almost stopped eating animal bi-products, too. Soon I will stop completely, I hope. At least that is the goal.

Iím glad to hear that you are sleeping more hours. I used to sleep for only three or so hours. Then I would feel so tired and run down the next day that I couldnít hardly do anything. Fortunately, I sleep for about six hours each night now. Itís getting better.

I have several pieces of information that you might be interested in. The high enema, other veggieís to put into juice that will help, some things that help me sleep better, and some other information that you might be interested in. If you want to have them, you can e-mail me and I will send them to you. They are too long to post here.

If you ever want to hear some friendly words, just write to me. I am writing to several kind and generous people that I have met here on the CureZone Forums . They are such a comfort to me. Theyíre letters are filled with such encouragement, It feels like we have been friends for years. They are such a blessing to me. And e-mail seems to pull this big world closer together.

Keep the faith, and believe in yourself. I wish you health,

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