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Re: Freedom from Judgement by Andreas Moritz ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   6/21/2003 3:15:26 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Dear Greg,

Thank you for your kind comments.

I hope I understood your question correctly. Each one of us is basically responsible for everything that happens to us, the positve and the negative. The positive as a sign of confirmation and the negative as a way of self-reflection of what else requires completion within us. Thie negative things could include an unhappy relationship, financial trouble, religious conflict or an illness.

Everything is in our favor, especially when it doesn't feel this way (blessings usually come in disguise). Taking responsibility doesn't mean to feel guilty about something. It means to accept and bless whatever comes to us as our own creation (originated in either past lives or this life time) and then to change our attitude towards it, in case it involvs resistance, defensiveness or anger/aggression.

We cannot change others but we certainly have the power to change ourselves and the way we interpret what comes our way. This is how we can change the effect that our own past can have on our present and future. We are not to take responsibility for other people's actions. It is their choice to make. But how we respond to how others treat us is our choice to make. Once we stop resisting or fighting whatever comes our way, those critizing us or putting us down will lose their power over us. We are to thank them for giving us the opportunity to become free of the need to protect our heart, to be free of fear and conflict. They are our personal messengers, although they may not even know they are playing that role.

Having said that, all of this is not an intellectual exercise, it just happens. Sometimes, it takes time to come arrive at the "shift points" in life, but what is time? There is no need to force things and manipulate them. Being with what happens is the fastest way to evolve in life.

With blessings,


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