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Histamin intolerance(histaminosis) by Greg ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   6/12/2003 6:58:28 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Dear Andreas,

first of all I am very glad that I've found this communication channel with you. Ever since I bought and read your two books Amazing Liver Cleanse, Key to Health and Rejuvenation) I've had a strong intent to contact you. I also did intestine cleaning with the 3 week epsom salt program you suggested and 12 liver cleanses(prepared to do more) and passed thousands of stones.

I have had histamin intolerance since my childhood(I'm now 30) and I intend find the answer how I can cure myself and the way out of my illness. I also have allergy to grass and rye pollen.

Basically histamin intolerance means that the body cannot tolerate more than a specific amount of histamin. If more histamin get into the body that it could break down the rest causes histaminosis which in my case is mainly rash on the fingers and sporadically on my arm and other body parts.

The enzime which is responsible for breaking down histamine in the body is diamine oxidase(DAO) which is produced both in the intestines, liver, kidneys and in the white blood cells.

Histamin is - as you state in your book - also produced by the body itself in order to signalize which part of the body is dehydrated. Other source of histamin is food. There are foods which contain large amounts of histamin(overriped cheese(e.g. cheddar, blue cheese), yoghurt, yeast, tomatoes, mushrooms etc). There are other foods which are releasing histamin in the body during their digestion(egg, chocolate). Histamin is the by-product of most fermentation processes.

Since I've read "Key to Health and Rejuvenation" one year ago I start my day with 1-2 glasses of war water and I contol my water intake to reach min. 8 glasses as you recommend. After the 12 liver cleanses my allergie eased a little bit however histamin intolerance have not disappeared yet. I am prepared to follow your advice to heal myself. Recently I take homeopathic histamin in higher dosis (60) but I have to tell you I have the feeling I'm tapping in the dark.

Please share me your views about this issue.

Thank you in advance and blessings,


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