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i want my foreskin back!!!! by #60750 ..... Circumcision Discussion & Debate

Date:   8/23/2006 5:28:52 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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"I've wondered how it feels to have a foreskin all my life ."

"I think of myself and other circumcised men as amputees."

"I am always thinking: where is my foreskin?"

" I think of myself as existing in two parts: my missing foreskin and the rest of me."

"I have always felt that I was cut off of my foreskin, not vice versa."

"I was circumcised when I was a year old. I remember my foreskin. I want my foreskin back!!!!

"If the only uncircumcised man in a shower feels 'different', imagine how the only circumcised man feels."

"If I knew who cut my foreskin off, I'd cut off his entire penis OFF!!

"I think I could have accepted a deformity that was an accident of nature, but I can't accept that someone did that to me."

"I have resented being circumcised ever since I saw my first uncircumcised friend."

"What circumcision did to my body is bad enough, but what it did to my mind is worse."

"Whenever I take a shower I always retract my imaginary foreskin and wash under it, just as if I had never been circumcised."

"My feelings about the doctor who circumcised me are too violent to describe."

"I have nightmares about being circumcised by force."

"I tried several times to ask my mother about what had been done to me; but when I opened my mouth to speak, the words stuck in my throat and no sound came out."

"Why would anyone cut up a baby's penis? How could anyone let himself or anyone else do it?"

"I never told my parents how I feel."

"I couldn't even make myself say `circumcised' until I was in my twenties."

"I was just a baby -- I couldn't stop them."

"I've always pretended I didn't care."

"I envy my dog."

"I have revenge fantasies about circumcision."

"The fact that other boys were circumcised too never made me feel any better."

"I have never been able to accept the fact that someone cut part of my penis off when I was a baby. The sheer monstrousness of it haunts every waking moment of my life. Sometimes I think I'm beginning to make some sort of adjustment to it, but then I see an unmutilated man in a shower or magazine and I become overwhelmed by uncontrollable feelings of outrage and disbelief that I was made the victim for life of something so sick. Sometimes I feel I'm at the edge of madness and just can't handle it."

"My mother told me she could hear my screams from the other end of the hall."

"There's something very wrong and very frightening about a society that systematically tortures and mutilates babies."

"Adrenaline shoots through me when I hear the word ‘circumcised’ -- I freeze."

"My greatest fear to this day is having a knife pulled on me."

"When I was a child, I prayed I would get my foreskin back in Heaven."

"I hate being circumcised."

"I feel the way I imagine the Elephant Man would have felt if he had found out that he had been born normal but that someone had done that to him."

"What possible advantage could there be to removing from the penis its only movable part?"

"I wanted to be a girl when I was a child because I knew that girls weren't circumcised."

"I used to think there were two kinds of boys: circumcised boys like me and real boys."

"I went to a nude beach in Yugoslavia and felt like a freak."

"The worst thing about circumcision is that it produces circumcisers."

"It hurt. It bled. It left an ugly scar."

"I never got used to being circumcised. I just learned to endure it."


"I hate the word ‘circumcised.’ The sound ‘cir-’ makes me shudder."

"Fear, pain, crippling, disfigurement and humiliation are the classic ways to break the human spirit. Circumcision includes them all."


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