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Hoax allegations by majestic_cheese ..... Liver Flush Debate Forum

Date:   3/13/2006 10:12:00 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi, I'm new here. I've been having some lower GI and related ailments lately, and have been using some of the Dr. Schulze products, and now feel rather better. The Intestinal Formula #1 is moving my bowels very regularly (2-4 times a day!), though I did the formula #2 and didn't notice any big expulsion and didn't really feel different after doing it.

I am very skeptical of orthodox medicine -- it killed my mother in 2002 (Chemo on a very unwell, elderly woman led to toxic shock and then death after the first treatment). If I weren't, I wouldn't be here. That same skepticism has got me wondering about some of these cures. Anything that is valid should be open to close scrutiny, and so natural curing methods should be too.

I've read a lot of stuff on the internet about how liver/GB flush is basically a fraud. It's said that the *treatment itself* causes the so-called soft "stones" that are excreted -- it's the olive oil mixed with bile that is excreted, generally, and then these are claimed to be a body ailment.

This site provides a round-up of the criticisms of Dr. Clark:

Some sites say that the GB is a one-way-out organ, so this treatment is not getting into the GB in the first place (though that one I don't lend too much credence to -- the treatment doesn't need to get INTO the organ to AFFECT it).

This site says that:

I'd love to hear from some of you who could counter these charges: have any of you passed real bona fide Gallstones -- hard as rocks, not gooey and dissolving?

By the way, there are those who say that the Dr. Schulze Intestinal Formula #2 is the same basic principle -- ailment masquerading as cure. According to them, it packs your intestines with the herbs and clay, then that is what comes out eventually. Doctors who have done thousands of autopsies say they have never seen the purported impacted fecal matter in the colon. Notice I am actively engaged in alternative cures and have done Schulze's formula #2 as well as his regimen for GB flush (neither worked -- I've never done The Clark Flush , but plan to).

So I am not some kind of fifth columnist or something! But a utilitarian inquiry is good for any legitimate process, and alternative cures are not exception. Looking forward to any input. Thanks.

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